Towards a new co-existence

Climate change accelerated by human action seems to show that the world is spinning out of our control. But perhaps, sadly, this is not entirely true. What if the problem is just the opposite, namely that we want to control too much? Why not try to imagine a new coexistence between humans and with non-humans, starting from what escapes us, from what we usually exclude or abandon?

Published on June 28, 2024

Rebuilding to Last project

Rebuilding to Last is a dream, an experiment and a vision!

It is a pioneer project that inspires to equip independent cultural centres and their communities with knowledge and skills to find their own ways of co-existence with all beings, constituting their ecosystems, humans included. 


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Rebuilding to Last: Towards a new co-existence

As the Rebuilding to Last project is coming to an end, we are gathering in Helsinki, Finland, on the 1-2 October to present what we have learned during our two-year long journey and to collectively reflect upon our findings. We will be joined by inspiring thinkers and practitioners who will inspire us all to revisit our relationship with nature.

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Some flashbacks from our two-year adventure! You can find more pictures on our Flickr.

Helsinki looks too far for you?

We're committed to making our event accessible to all, no matter where you're coming from. That's why we're offering some mobility grants to help cover your travel and accomodation costs (food will be provided during the event)!

To apply for a mobility grant contact Juliette at, express your interest and your motivation to take part in the event before the 26th of July.

*We will give priority to TEH Members and associates and participants of the RTL activities.



A handbook for ecological cultural centers

We will also take the opportunity to present Rebuilding to Last Book - a four-dimensional publication that combines an in-depth examination of expertise of independent cultural centres in ecological renovations with a hands-on manual for cultural workers on how to make their spaces and communities more in consonance with climate change and in balance with ecosystems they are part of.