(RTL) Rebuilding to Last

The Rebuilding to Last project builds the capacity of cultural spaces to address the sustainable futures of their buildings and organisations through inspiring and leading sustainable transformation among cultural teams, audiences and communities, cities and beyond. 

About this Initiative

Leading sustainable transformation in buildings, people & policies

In July 2022, Trans Europe Halles embarked on an exciting journey, dedicated to shaping the sustainable future of cultural spaces.

Rebuilding to Last (RTL) is a visionary initiative, spearheaded by TEH and collaboratively executed alongside 11 diverse organizations from across Europe. Together, this consortium blends expertise will leave a lasting mark on the European cultural landscape.

Over the course of 2022 to 2024, this collective endeavor will empower cultural spaces to embrace sustainable futures for their buildings and organizations. The project's mission is to ignite and lead a sustainable transformation that encompasses cultural teams, audiences, communities, cities, and extends beyond, leaving an indelible impact.

More about this initiative

  • To research how non-governmental cultural centres are currently integrating sustainable practices in the renovation of their buildings and their overall operations and, conversely, to identify the inhibitors to sustainable practices (e.g. lack of access to finance) 
  • To build capacity for leaders of cultural spaces to address the sustainable renovation of their buildings, and champion the sustainable transition among their teams, audiences, communities and cities
  • To raise awareness among managers of non-governmental cultural centres, as well as other building-based cultural organisations and their audiences on EU’s environmental sustainability priorities (Green Deal)

The enduring impact of this project will be captured through a collection of publications that document RTL's findings. Alongside these valuable resources, we'll craft a roadmap designed to guide cultural centers embarking on their transformation journeys towards sustainability.

These vital tools will be complemented by a wealth of free online training materials, all centered around the theme of sustainability. Additionally, we'll provide financial support for three experimental participatory architecture interventions, each hosted by a different cultural center across Europe.

The results stemming from these Participatory Architecture Interventions, which are community-led local projects carefully selected through a rigorous Hackathon process, will serve as a tangible testament to the project's far-reaching accomplishments.

The vision is to enable grassroots and community-led cultural spaces to become environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, carbon neutral facilities that not only have a positive impact on the users and local communities but also become inspirational leaders in a new movement for green culture, in Europe and across the world.

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The project is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union (Mid-scale Cooperation Project)

Write to rtl@teh.net or sorina@teh.net

RTL's Updates

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