(RTL) Rebuilding to Last

Rebuilding to Last is a pioneer project, striving to inspire independent cultural centres to revisit their relationship with nature, with their communities and spaces within their walls, in their courtyards and beyond.

Our intentions

Our ambition behind the initiative is rooted in the belief that our cities should be profoundly reinvented. Instead of being a constant building site, they should become welcoming space for all living beings, humans and non-humans.

We believe that this could be achieved through a culture of "care" that implies continuous practice of maintenance, repair and self-repair of spaces and communities that inhabit them.

It is also deeply connected to a concept of 'coexistence', not just among human communities, but between humans and non-humans as well.

Together we are trying to imagine how we can make our spaces not only more long-lasting but also more aligned with our own values of living in balance with the nature, by finding synergies and solutions that oppose profit-driven urban planning and design.

Save the date for our final event!

Our wonderful project is coming to an end, we are gathering in Helsinki, Finland, on 2 October to present what we have learned during our two-year long journey!

Towards Co-Existence

Our philosophy

Architecture Interventions

The Rebuilding to Last Participatory Architecture Interventions are hands-on workshops organised and hosted by three cultural spaces - Institut for X (Denmark), Stanica-Truc Spherique (Slovakia) and Communitism (Greece).

The aim of the workshops is to provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore and discover innovative concepts, engage in hands-on interventions and collaborate with peers from around the world!


More details

  • To research how grassroots cultural centres are currently integrating sustainable practices in the renovation of their buildings and their overall operations and to identify difficulties they might encounter, such as limited finances, etc. 
  • To build capacity for leaders of cultural spaces to address the sustainable renovation of their buildings and their surroundings, and champion the new practices among their teams, audiences, communities and cities
  • To raise awareness among managers of grassroots cultural centres, as well as other building-based cultural organisations and their audiences on EU’s environmental sustainability priorities (Green Deal).

The enduring impact of this project will be captured through a collection of publications that document RTL's findings. Alongside these valuable resources, we'll craft a roadmap designed to guide cultural centers embarking on their transformation journeys towards sustainability.

These vital tools will be complemented by a wealth of free online training materials, all centered around the theme of sustainability. Additionally, we'll provide financial support for three experimental participatory architecture interventions, each hosted by a different cultural center across Europe.

The results stemming from these Participatory Architecture Interventions, which are community-led local projects carefully selected through a rigorous Hackathon process, will serve as a tangible testament to the project's far-reaching accomplishments.

The project is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union (Mid-scale Cooperation Project).



We are working on four publications that will later evolve into a book, titled "Cultural Centres as Agents of Transition".

These publications will include a comprehensive overview of the existing best practices among TEH members and independent cultural centres. As well as our observations and learnings from architecture interventions.

They will also define a clear roadmap for grassroots cultural centres on how to implement sustainable practices in overall operations, building upgrade, placemaking and community engagement.

RTL's Updates

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E-Learning Platform

An online learning space where cultural practitioners, creatives and artists can gain more knowledge in circular design and sustainable architecture from a pool of international experts. It will offer a range of short self-paced online courses available to anyone interested in the topic.

The platform is to be launched soon!


Our latest news



A few glimpses from our ongoing interventions!

RTL Workshop_Stanica