Manifesto of the Third Landscape

About the publication

‘Manifesto of the Third Landscape’ by Gilles Clément was originally published in 2004 in French and is one of the key text in the modern landscape design that advocates to create from landscape opposed to design against it . This groundbreaking text introduces a new term ‘third landscape’ – a third state of being, exisiting on the margins, untouched spaces that remain in their natural state, such as summits, deserts, etc.

Manifesto of the Third Landscape

Manifesto is vital for understanding how abandoned places can have “a second life” and what potential they hold opposed to cultivated spaces where human intervene.

We are very excited to be publishing the first English version of this text translated by Michele Bee from our member centre Manifatture Knos and Raphaël Fèvre.

Manifesto of the Third landscape