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Office: Tomegapsgatan 22, SE – 223 50 Lund Sweden

Post: c/o Mejeriet, Stora Sodergatan 64, SE -222 23 Lund Sweden

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Managing Director

Tiffany Fukuma

Contact me for project proposals, advocacy, partnerships and services, or requests for talks and participation in advisory bodies.
Director of Strategic Development

Fairooz Tamimi

Contact me if you have a project proposal, collaboration idea or would like to join our Solidarity Actions. If you are an advocacy group working with inclusion, diversity, LGBTQI or SDGs, get in touch as we would be happy to work together.
Finance and Admin Director

Barbara Elia

Contact me for any exchanges needed on financial issues.
Marketing and Communications Director

Shawn Antoni Wright

Contact me if you have questions about our marcom strategy, would like to collaborate on a PR action or campaign, interested to become our media partner or have a relevant project to disseminate to our membership.
Communications Officer

Olga Rudak

Contact me if you have questions about our communications; need to update your information on our website or have an interesting and relevant project to disseminate to our membership.
Communications Assistant

Olga Zaporozhets

Contact me if you have any expertise or suggestions on improving communication for social justice among underrepresented groups.
ESC Communications Volunteer

Victoria Koffi

Contact me if you would like to share stories of TEH as I am collecting anecdotes and stories regarding our 40th anniversary campaign.
Administration Manager

Thalia Giovannelli

Get in touch if you need any info on structure, policies, processes, HR, paperwork, reimbursements, or any other thing that you do not know who to ask to!
Member Relations & Project manager

Femi Adeniyi

Get in touch with me if you would like to discuss how to become a member or if you are one, anything that TEH can do to serve you better.
Senior Project Manager & Researcher CTMP & Zmina

Ceyda Berk-Söderblom

Contact me with ideas on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Cultural Transformation Movement project, social transformation and democracy-related issues.
Project Manager

Marcus Lampe

Contact me if you are a cultural actor in Skåne looking for help to develop international projects and collaborations or have questions regarding any of the hubs mentioned.
Admin & Logistics Secretary

Cassidy Nazario

Contact me if you have questions about reimbursements, invoicing and travel bookings.
ESC Event Production Volunteer

Borut Cigale

Contact me if you have a question regarding TEH meetings and other events.
Senior Project Manager

Erika Haxhi

Contact me if you have a question regarding TEH Meetings, Networking opportunities, TEH self-learning resources, evaluation and other TNP activities.
Senior Project Manager

Sorina Neacsu

Contact me if you have ideas about environmentally friendly practices in the cultural sphere. This might be sharing knowledge about sustainable transformations, accessing finance, and involving communities in future-proofing physical spaces.