TEH: Building a Cultural Regeneration Project for Europe

TEH - a precursor of New European Bauhaus Initiative

The environmental crisis appears to occupy our minds today and affect our ways of being. We are confronted with the decades of human interference and uncontrolled consumption, making us aware of the negative affects of our actions.

It comes as no surprise that this new 'awareness' makes us question how our cities are developed. Traditional architecture needs to be profoundly reinvented through a new culture and economy of “care” that encourages continuous maintenance, repair, and self-repair of urban spaces and communities that occupy them.

While the European Commission has only recently embraced this trend, by launching the New European Bauhaus Initiative in 2021, Trans Europe Halles members have been at the forefront of repurposing abandoned spaces since 1983.

Four decades of active experimentations throughout Europe resulted in a unique expertise that our members hold and successful strategies that could be implemented by architects and urbanists in their daily work and help tackle the inevitable climate crisis.

Read this publication, first in a series of in-depth study of grassroots cultural initiatives and their regeneration practices.

Fazette Bordage

Former TEH coordinator

“Those wastelands, this vacancy, this disrepair which nobody wanted to see, this debacle of which nobody knew what to do, leads to dream.

[…] those spaces fell into escheat, those obsolete objects as well as those neglected know-how and distraught territories gain under our impulse a new life. […] the reconversion of industrial fallows supported by an artistical and political approach transform the notion of value itself”.

Confort Moderne_1990

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Rebuilding to Last project

This publication was developed by The University of Liège (Belgium) as part of the Rebuilding to Last project and its research. It is the first one in a series of four publications that will result in a book!

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