Salaam Cinema

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Salaam Cinema

Salaam cinema is a community based cinema and art space, run by a team of creatives to create social awareness through artistic practices and build bridges between communities, social classes and cultures.

The team has a horizontal organizational structure and operates the space by the fundamental principles of inclusivity, equality and diversity.


– Offer quality programming of creative films, performances, exhibitions & educational events
– Support local film-making and film history. The cinema’s audience gets the chance to discover new Azerbaijani films and rediscover movies which have written the Azerbaijani film history.
– Support local artists and encourage community collaboration
– Draw inspiration from the city and activate the local urban vision
– Create opportunities for young creative to develop personal skills
– Build and exchange collective knowledge through non-formal education and experiential processes

What makes the organisation unique?

Salaam Cinema is unique due to their practices of commoning; establishing a safe space for isolated groups in conservative societies; fostering an environment for the personal development of women & lgbtqi+ members; film & artistic programming that focuses on films from the region and increasing representation of women & lgbtqi+.

What TEH projects are they a part of?

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