East Hub

Easthub is subnetwork of Trans Europe Halles for cultural centers and organizations coming from Central and East European region with aim to develop better and more active connections between them, to create more opportunities for collaboration and for sharing knowledge. We focus our attention on post-communist countries, as they have a common past on which we can create joint thematic projects and at the same time similar problems for which we can look for solutions together.

The hub started in 2019 and was initiated by the TEH members cultural center Malý Berlín (Slovakia) and IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural initiatives (Ukraine). While the majority of Easthub members are also TEH members, we are open to other organizations from our region, too.

The main objective is to establish strong and active relationships between members from the region willing to share, learn and collaborate. Within Trans Europe Halles hub will make Eastern and Central Europe members position stronger, taking a more active role in participation in network’s activities and initiating new projects.

  1. Salaam Cinema
  2. Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform
  3. VarYox
  4. MOVE Ostrava
  5. Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov
  6. Fabrika Tbilisi
  7. Auróra Community Center
  8. BAKELIT Multi Art Center
  9. Latvian Association of Contemporary Culture NGOs
  10. Kaņepes Kultūras centrs
  11. Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector of the Republic of Moldova
  12. Ziemniaki i
  13. Asociatia Casa PLAI
  14. A4 – Associations for contemporary culture
  15. Truc sphérique (Stanica)
  16. Creative Industry Košice
  17. Malý Berlín
  18. Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture
  19. Jam Factory Art Center
  20. Public organization “Youth Association Extreme Style”

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