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Cooperativa Sociale Il Visconte di Mezzago is active since 1987. It runs a multicultural center named “Bloom” in Mezzago.

Bloom has a concert hall (audience capacity about 300 people), a cinema (72 seats), 3 rooms for courses, a bar/restaurant and a big terrace where a pizzeria is set up in the summertime.

Nowadays Bloom’s main activities are:

  • Concerts (at least twice a week)
  • Cinema (art house movies, 5 days a week, comprehensive of meetings with directors, actors, critics, etc.)
  • Theatrical performances
  • Courses & laboratories (theatre, dance, musical instruments, yoga, feldenkrais, pilates etc.)
  • Visual Art Exhibitions (painting, drawing, photography)
  • Meetings on social, environmental, cultural issues.

We organise some festivals along the year, the most important of which are “Terrestra” (about environmental issues with a market of local producers too) and “Bombetta Festival” (comics), along with several musical festivals in partnership with independent record labels.

The Cooperative is active outside Bloom too. We organise open air cinemas, cultural events and festivals in several cities and towns of the region (e.g., Vimercate, Milan, Milan Area, Pavia, Lecco).

What makes the organisation unique ?

Our history and reliability. We are the oldest and longest operating cultural centre of the region. Thanks to our musical activities (we hosted bands such as Nirvana, Green Day, Primal Scream, etc) Bloom became well known all over Italy. Now we are a recognized point of reference for an informal network of a diverse set of local associations and realities.

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