Mediterranean HUB

The Mediterranean HUB, a subnetwork of TEH, consists of cultural centers and organizations from the Mediterranean region. Its goal is to foster stronger connections among members, creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Members aim to inspire action beyond mere dialogue and consultations.

The vision of the Mediterranean Hub is a sustainable network where solidarity, innovation, and collective thinking converge to build a more interconnected and empathetic Mediterranean community. The Hub employs a multifaceted approach to address both immediate and long-term cultural, social, and environmental issues in the region.

Learning from various countries, the Hub collects stories, investigates aspirations, and uses artistic methods to highlight the realities near border areas. Carefully mapping themes and initiatives, the Hub integrates care and culture to promote both social welfare and environmental concerns.

In line with decolonization initiatives, the Hub explores the Mediterranean Sea as a liquid continent, delving into legends, myths, language, and narratives related to the sea.

The Hub can continually expand its network, inviting relevant centers to join and planning future in-person meetings based on artistic residencies, exchange mobility opportunities for cultural workers, or TEH annual meetings.

The official launch of the Med HUB and its first in-person meeting occurred in Nicosia, Cyprus, during the Open Up festival in October 2023 at the Nimac Center. Members actively engage online, frequently meeting, planning, and currently writing project proposals to solidify collaborative ideas.

  1. Anima Garden
  2. Associasone Oltre
  3. Ateliersi
  4. Communitism
  5. BLOOM
  6. Consorzio Wunderkammer
  7. NiMAC
  8. Gabriel Caruana Foundation
  9. Tiro Association for Art
  10. Lo Stato del Luoghi
  11. Manifactture Knos
  12. Nauivanow
  13. La friche la belle du Mai
  14. ROJC