Bakelit Multi Art Center Foundation

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Bakelit Multi Art Center Foundation

Bakelit Multi Art Center is an enthralling independent creative centre in the heart of the industrial area of Budapest. Originally used in the early 1900s for manufacturing war products, the building became a spinning factory employing many Cuban women as textile workers after the Second World War. The industrial area became a multi-art centre for the innovative and creative aspects of performing arts and fine arts in 1999.

Bakelit M.A.C aims to build a common future for artists by providing them with diverse artistic spaces such as recording studios, rehearsal halls, performance halls and stage, exhibition spaces and event rooms. The centre gives artists the opportunity to learn, create and perform in an environment that aids creative thinking through the arts. This allows artists to develop personally and artistically in order to give high-quality performance to various audiences. An Artist In Residency programme was initiated in 2013.

The centre is also home to a hostel in order to assist all guests and artists present for a journey of arts and culture. Factory Hostel Budapest aims to generate friendships and deep professional relationships while hosting guests who are in learning periods, study camps and other rehearsals. The centre offers numerous services for participating and collaborating for the development of fine and performing arts through the usage of multifunctional halls available at the centre.

What makes the organisation unique?

The metal structure, the eclectic interior, the surprising environment. Their mission is to operate an international cultural centre that is inspiring and at the same time provides a cosy reception space for learning, creation, preparation and for exhibitions and performances.

What TEH activities are you a part of?

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  • Art Gallery
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  • Artistic Residency Accommodation
  • Hostel
  • Coffee CafĂ© / Bar

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  • Dance
  • MaskHappy Visual Arts
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  • Factory Industrial Building

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