(TNP) The Network Project

Strengthens Europe's independent cultural sector, promoting international cooperation and capacity building.

About this Initiative

The Trans Europe Halles Network Project (TNP) strengthens Europe's independent cultural sector, promoting international cooperation and capacity building. Our efforts are directed toward engaging with two vital demographics: the youth and the vulnerable. we collaborate with change agents, emphasizing sustainable goals and digital integration. In our network of centers, we facilitate the exchange of grassroots insights, fostering inclusivity and resilience as we adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the cultural domain.

The details

  • Wellbeing Hours: Personal and organizational development programs centered on well-being.
  • Duct Tape and Dreams: Established members mentor young, emerging cultural centers, using the 'lighthouse' model.
  • Staff-exchange: Staff members exchange roles to gain diverse experiences.
  • Hubs: Expansion of geographical and topic-based hubs, including Sustainable Building, Mediterranean, and Youth/Audience development hubs.
  • Self-learning Resources: Online sessions led by members and external experts on specific topics.
  • City Visits, Networking & Advocacy Meetings: Sharing expertise and best practices with cities and expanding overseas partnerships.

PEOPLE: Empower cultural professionals through life-long learning and networking. This includes enhancing their well-being and transforming TEH's financing, working, and governing methods.

BUILDINGS: Boost expertise on sustainable regeneration of buildings in urban and rural settings, while broadening member knowledge and fostering partnerships.

ART&CULTURE: Elevate recognition of the independent arts and culture sector through collaboration with advocacy groups, governments, and other organizations.

  • Rhizome: Adopting a non-linear approach, emphasizing system thinking and group-based solutions.
  • Learning Organisation: Focused on collective enhancement through peer learning and continuous transformation.
  • Inreach: Aims to revitalize cultural spaces from within, focusing on community-centric practices.
  • External Expertise: Recognizing the need for expertise beyond the network, including potential governance restructuring.
  • Co-creation: Encouraging member centers to engage in collaborative projects across disciplines.

Come to one of our meetings somewhere in Europe!

Members and non-members can reach out to the Project Manager Erika Haxhi at erika@teh.net directly with questions and proposals.

The Network Project Manager

Project Manager

Erika Haxhi

I coordinate The Network Project (TNP) and make sure that our network activities, events and capacity-building programs and advocacy activities run smoothly and meet the needs of our members. In addition, I co-produce TEH meetings with host centres that take place twice a year and bring 250+ cultural professionals from across Europe and beyond. Contact me if you have a question regarding TEH Meetings, Networking opportunities, TEH self-learning resources, evaluation and other TNP activities.