Open Call for TEH Staff Exchange Programme 2023

TEH Staff Exchange Programme is creating mobility opportunities for arts and culture professionals

Published on Feb. 17, 2023

About the programme

TEH Staff Exchange Programme is creating mobility opportunities for arts and culture professionals across borders to increase and foster professional development opportunities and knowledge exchange through action-based learning.  

This programme offers a possibility to share rich and hands on experience with another team from a similar or different cultural centre for a one to four week-long exchange. Participants can gain new skills, motivation, new perspectives, strengthen their knowledge and partnerships. Thanks to a short term, but intensive stay.  

Who can participate 

Any staff from any department from member centres and associate members of TEH is eligible for this programme.  

Exchange period 

The exchange is expected to take place from Mid-March to Mid-December 2023 

The ideal length of exchange may range from one to four weeks.  

What costs are involved  

In 2023, TEH Staff Exchange programme can financially support 13 exchanges with basic financial support to cover travel costs up to €200, and accommodation up to €400. Other costs connected with hosting should be communicated between the hosting and sending organisation.  

The are no fees associated with this programme.  

What are the places of possible exchange 

Staff members can join organisation interested in hosting exchanges.  

Current hosting organisations are:  

More concrete details about hosting centres and topics of possible exchange profiles you can find HERE.

How to apply  

Fill in the application form with the link HERE.

Deadlines for applications:

17 March 2023  

What is required from you in connection to the exchange 

  1. Staff members and sending organisation 

2. Participants

Obligations for participants of the exchange  

Participants are obligated to: 

  • Fill in the application form on or before 17 March 2023
  • Read the participant part of the Staff Exchange Manual
  • Within two weeks after the end of the exchange, fill out an evaluation form that will be provided to you 
  • Within two weeks after your exchange, submit to TEH coordination office staff exchange project coordinator document of your experience containing quotes, single sentences, pictures and videos
  • Participation in documentation activities (interview etc.) asked of you by the communication department of the TEH Office
  • Share your experience with other members and associates during conferences and camp meetings to promote the programme. 
  1. Representatives of the hosting centres

Representative of hosting centre is obligated to:  

  • Read the Manual for the hosting organisations
  • Within two weeks after the end of the exchange fill in a provided evaluation form
  • Evaluate and share personal experiences with other members at Camp Meetings and at conferences to promote the programme. 

Criteria for decision 

  • The participant should have worked for a TEH membre centre at least one year
  • The exchange can focus on any field, but it cannot be an artistic residency
  • Financial support can be provided for one person per sending centre. however, if the budget allows it, exceptions can be made
  • If there are several applications for one hosting centre, representatives of the hosting centre will decide on which candidate should visit them  
  • The visiting person and the hosting centre together decide the dates of the exchange. 


Do not hesitate to contact our Project and Member Relations Manager – Femi Adeniyi – at if you have any questions.