Smart and Fearless: Guidelines for Emerging Arts Centres in Eastern, Southeastern and Southern Europe

The last four years we have been running TEH Startup Support Programme (SUSP) within Factories of Imagination project that helps emerging cultural initiatives at the European borders (Earstern, Southeastern and Southern Europe) towards a sustainable future – and towards a full membership of our vibrant network.


Smart and Fearless Publication

This publication is a summary of the discoveries made and the lessons learned during these four years. It zooms in on the main challenges along the way. And can, hopefully, serve as a guide for other smart and fearless people from these regions to start their own centres.

Authors: Chris Keulemans (The Neitherlands), Irena Boljunčić Gracin (Croatia), Mykhailo Glubokyi (Ukraine), Ada Arduini (Italy).