Design Handbook for Cultural Centres

About Designing the environment

Designing the environment we live in is a never-ending process. It is based on an effort to become better, more vivacious, and to respond to how the society and social needs are developing. In Trans Europe Halles member cultural centres, design is firmly connected to other cultural activities that take place there. It is not just about results. Its strengths consist chiefly in processes of formation and subsequent use. Architectural design (as well as urban planning) and the art/culture programmes are reciprocally formative. This is the biggest difference when compared to large public institutions.


About The Handbook

This book is a collection of personal experiences, observations and opinions on cultural centres. It is a list of examples, situations and stories collected in the years 2011- 2014 by visiting member centres of Trans Europe Halles network. “The result comes as 123 stories from 30 centres. Together, they form a mosaic, an information base […]“, says Slovak architect Peter Lenyi, author of the book.

If you want to start a cultural centre, renovate a building, re-think or update the architecture or if you are just searching for tips and tricks, this is the right source of inspiration.