AIPCC – An Interperiphery Centre for ‘Contemporanities’


An Interperiphery Centre for ‘Contemporanities’ (Aipcc) is a new concept developed by female black artist Sonia E. Barrett whose aim was to challenge the conventional perception of arts space. Aipcc was born as a response to a collective experience of many black artists living in artistic residences in Europe. Having collected different testimonies, Sonia realised that many of black artists have often to face homophobia, racism, tokenism and other negative aspects of exclusiveness of those places. She started a space in rural area – Aipcc – to enable young aspiring black artists and other periphery makers to develop their artistic voices.


AIPCC Publication

"I welcome the opportunity to share the concepts behind Aipcc in written form in the same way that I invite photographers to document my sculptural works in photographic form." Sonia E. Barrett