Trans Europe Halles: 2023 in Review

From 1983 all the way to 2023: 40 Years of TEH.

Back in 1983, Philippe Grombeer and 6 cultural visionaries gathered in Brussels to create a network uniting independent cultural centers across Europe. Trans Europe Halles was born. Driven by grassroots activism, creativity and mutual support, they aimed to transform communities through art & culture. In 2023, we celebrated TEH’s 40-years-long legacy of fostering positive social change.


Stronger Together: the Power of the TEH Community.

Being a TEH member means becoming part of a dynamic, like-minded family of grassroots cultural activists. It's about connecting, collaborating and supporting each other to amplify our impact. In 2023, our network grew to 165 members, each contributing to a thriving, interconnected and resilient cultural ecosystem. Together, we are Trans Europe Halles.

Expanding Horizons: New Members in 2023.

In 2023, TEH adopted a structured approach to welcoming new members, with a specific application timeframe. By year-end, we added 17 cultural centers from diverse backgrounds, enriching our TEH family. Now, members can apply by the end of each year, with the campaign running for a couple of months. With new members joining each year, our network continues to grow richer and more varied.


A Global Network: 43 Countries Strong.

By the end of 2023, TEH proudly represented 43 countries, with new members joining us from Italy, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Romania, Germany, Finland and Sweden. In 2023, we also embarked on collaborations with new partners and members based outside of Europe, marking our organic evolution from a European network to an international movement.

Collaborative Spirit: Projects & Priorities in 2023.

TEH thrived on international collaboration in 2023, running 13 projects that engaged 72+ of our members. With support from Creative Europe, Erasmus+, ESC, Region Skåne & many others, we focused on our priorities: youth, spatial & social justice, diversity & inclusion, sustainability & green transition, democracy & solidarity, as well as TEH network well-being: capacity-building, exchange and mental health support for TEH network.


Rhizomatic Growth: TEH Hubs in Action.

In response to diverse challenges, TEH members formed decentralized subgroups, akin to a rhizome, called TEH Hubs. By 2023, these geographic and thematic hubs grew significantly. TEH ended the year with 8 active TEH Hubs (4 georgaphical & 4 thematic), 5 funded with project grants. This decentralized approach enriches our network with depth & diversity, mirroring the interconnected growth of rhizomatic roots.

Annual Gatherings: Celebrating TEH together.

Every year, TEH hosts two major events at a member center. In late spring of 2023, Moritzbastei and HALLE14 in Leipzig (Germany) welcomed around 400 attendees for the TEH Conference. In early fall, Fabrika in Tbilisi (Georgia) hosted approximately 200 participants for the TEH Camp Meeting. These gatherings are the heartbeat of our TEH network.


Financial Growth: Driving Greater Impact.

In 2023, TEH secured over 1 million EUR in grants from donors, a 32% boost from 2022. Plus, 6% of our funds came from membership fees. The funding helps us cover project costs, support 11 full-time employees & 2 volunteers, and manage expenses for admin, communications, events & advocacy visits. Our financial growth fuels our collective efforts and strengthens our mission.

Reaching Far and Wide: Our Audience in 2023.

TEH’s activities in 2023 resonated with over 55,000 people across our social media and communication channels. Our message is clear, our reach broad, and our community ever-growing. Together, we dream, we believe, we plan. Together, we transform. Together, we regenerate communities, neighbourhoods and cities. Together, we are Trans Europe Halles!


Dive In: TEH’s 2023 Achievements in Detail.

In Trans Europe Halles 2023 Annual Report, delve into the full spectrum of our accomplishments in 2023.

Explore the report to uncover insights on:

  • Trans Europe Halles' history & membership,
  • Annual meetings: TEH Conference and Camp Meeting,
  • TEH Coordination Office & Proximity Offices,
  • TEH geographic and thematic hubs,
  • Advocacy activities
  • TEH financials, and of course...
  • People - The teams behind the scenes: board members, TEH Coordination Office team, funders, partners & the complete list of TEH members.



Frido Hinde

"In 2023, we celebrated 40 years of Trans Europe Halles! We started out in 1983 with 7 members. Four decades later, our beloved network includes 165 members and associates across 43 countries. [...] While our network gains new members every year and continues to grow, I am pleased to see that many people and companions from the early years remain connected to our mission and values in the role of ambassadors. [...] When Trans Europe Halles was launched 40 years ago, something truly great was born. We must remain steadfast in carrying on this important work to strengthen our ideals for the next 40 years".

Read Frido's full foreword in the TEH 2023 Annual Report below.

Managing Director

Tiffany Fukuma

"2023 started and unfolded with a celebration of the love and hope for our family, keeping us united, engaged and in solidarity, at the very moment when our brothers and sisters were being bombed and killed in Ukraine and in Gaza; when our colleagues and friends were being evicted from their centers; as extremist groups were vandalizing cultural safe havens for LGBTQIA+ communities; as authoritarian governments threatened the very existence of our spaces and activities; or as floods, winds, spiraling inflation & energy costs were threatening the sustainability of our centers. [...] Together, we created solidarity campaigns, support programs, social justice and environmental projects... and we will keep on doing so, come what may!"

Read Tiffany's full foreword in the TEH 2023 Annual Report below.

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Trans Europe Halles 2023 Annual Report