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Zentralwerk is a unique artist-run space in Dresden, Germany where ideas of affordable housing and cultural work come together with experimental, forward-thinking, innovative and participatory artistic production.

Zentralwerk is a collective of artists, humanists, architects and craftsmen that has been staging performances, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in Dresden since 2006.

Self-organisation, diversity and civil society are the core ideas that Zentralwerk aims to approach through artistic expression.

In its urban context Zentralwerk understands itself as a project that focuses on building strong local networks by being an active part of a creative and socially diverse neighbourhood while also promoting the European idea by making international collaborations possible. In the four buildings of Zentralwerk you can find a 400m 2 hall and a smaller hall that’s half that size, a gallery and a 100 units: two thirds of these are used as ateliers for art and creative economy and the other third for housing.

What makes your organisation unique?

Zentralwerk is an artist-run space for self-determined living, working and art-making in a building with historical significance.

What TEH activities are you a part of?

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