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The cultural venue Vzlet is located in a building dating back to 1921. Originally a movie theater, the space has been transformed into a cultural center offering a diverse program ranging from community events and after-school activities to small exhibitions and concerts featuring classical and alternative music, as well as theater, dance, and performance art. The venue actively collaborates with local artists, communities, students, and professionals, and it is eager to expand its involvement in international co-productions. In addition to its own productions, Vzlet also engages in co-productions with Czech artists.

What makes the organisation unique ?

A cultural venue of this nature is unique in Prague, where most venues tend to focus on specific art forms such as theater, dance, or music. This eclectic mix of genres not only caters to the local community (given our location outside the city center) but also appeals to a wider audience. Ongoing collaborations with arts students serve to attract a younger demographic, while projects involving seniors engage an older audience, and so forth.

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Lucie Špačková

Lucie Špačková