Tiro Association for Arts

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Tiro Association for Arts

Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) was established in 2014 as a non-governmental organisation located in Tyre, South Lebanon. The organisation works to encourage local communities in the South to become more involved in the arts and culture outside of their existing political and religious contexts. More specifically, TAA was founded upon the belief that these communities can express themselves through art, not only to reflect their identity but also to showcase through art the problems and challenges of their respective communities and those of Lebanese society at large.

Presently, TAA is a volunteer-based organisation that brings together youth of different social, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to create an alternative movement of social change through arts and culture. Through artistic training for children and youth, reopening and rehabilitating cultural spaces, organising festivals, activities, and art exhibitions, and introducing the audience to the history of cinema and local and international performances, TAA aims to create free and independent cultural spaces in Lebanon. It also aims to: raise awareness of the value of arts and culture; develop the life skills of children and youth through the arts; encourage a committed and purposeful theatrical movement; broaden the cultural offer and stimulate demand for more culture through multi-disciplinary festivals; foster collaborations and co-creation; and contribute to decentralisation and parallel cultural development.

The association rejects all forms of discrimination and difference and promotes tolerance and social justice by ensuring equality and solidarity among all TAA volunteers, trainees, audience, and members. Also, TAA adopts an independent and neutral cultural and artistic mindset free of political affiliation or interference and advocates for human rights.

What makes the organisation unique?

They’re located in the South in which there is no proper consideration for culture and the arts and they offer a variety of activities, festivals, as well as artistic training workshops free of charge for everyone.

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  • Large Theatre (audience capacity: more than 200)
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  • MaskHappy Visual Arts
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  • MaskHappy Culture and Entertainment Building

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