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Pro Rodopi Art Centre

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (PRAC) was established in 2004 in the village of Bostina in the Central Rhodopes mountain region of Bulgaria. It is one of the pioneering independent cultural centres in the Bulgarian countryside – a crossroads of ideas from North, West and South-East Europe.

The centre aims to facilitate a wide spectrum of creative processes (performances, workshops, presentations, conferences, socio-cultural debates etc.) in the field of performing arts. The centre’s key qualities include openness, local and international cooperation as well as the will and ability to change and adjust its direction according to its local and global environment. The founders prefer to see these premises as starting points of the work rather than as endpoints.

Currently, PRAC owns one residential studio of 60m 2 , where smaller artistic and public events happen, but PRAC’s activities are also spread out across the area, the country and abroad through various partnership premises.

PRAC also owns another property of 1,400m 2 – Bostina’s former kindergarten, which needs to be reconstructed in order to get permission for public events.

What makes your organisation unique?

PRAC ‘exported’ high-quality culture to a rural area where people usually equate ‘culture’ with ‘traditional folklore’, which is very widespread in Bulgaria. They are working to connect the local area to contemporary world culture.

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