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Põhjala tehas

Põhjala is an old rubber factory situated on Kopli Peninsula. It was operational from 1924 to 1998 and produced a wide variety of products over the years, from rubber boots to hoses, fabric for raincoats and rubber wheels. After decades of inactivity and solitude, people returned to the factory in October 2018 to bring this old industrial complex back to life as a centre of culture and a space for value-based initiatives.

Põhjala has three main values:

  • Community – like-minded people, shared values
  • Sustainability – we revive the existing environment and value green thinking
  • Inspiring – space that supports creativity

The centre organises or provides partnerships for community-based collaboration projects and offers spaces for events or long-term projects. It is also open to collaborative projects that align with their values and ambitions.

What makes the organisation unique?

Põhjala is a space that sparks inspiration, supports creativity and embraces sustainability through the revival of the existing environment and a commitment to green thinking. It is a starting community hub for like-minded people with shared values.

What TEH projects is the centre a part of?

TEH Nordic Hub

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