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Founded in the late ’80s by a group of young activists who felt the need for a space to practice free culture in the city of Lund. Today Mejeriet is an established cultural centre in the city with member organisations working with cinema, theatre, comedy and more. However, the venue is largely known as a house of music with an extensive concert program, music school, and music studios.

What makes the organisation unique?

One of the few independent music venues in Sweden that are still run as a non-profit. Strong position in the Swedish music landscape.

What TEH projects is the centre a part of?

TEH Nordic Hub

  • Facilities
  • MusicNotesSimple Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300)
  • Large Concert Hall (audience capacity: more than 300)
  • Outdoor stage
  • Black box
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Rehearsal or Practice Room
  • Music Recording Studio
  • Cinema
  • Coffee Café / Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Courtyard

  • Work areas
  • MusicNotesSimple Music
  • Theatre / Performance
  • Movie Film
  • Education

  • Activities
  • Production
  • Exhibition and Programming
  • Education and Training

  • Former use of space
  • Factory Industrial Building

  • European Solidarity Corps
  • Hosting organisations

  • TEH Membership