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Le Confort Moderne

A Foundry, Confort 2000 (a household appliance store) and then a cultural center, Le Confort Moderne is an industrial enclave in a neighborhood of Poitiers. A pioneering artistic ruin working since the beginning of the 1980’s towards the de compartmentalization of perspectives and practices. A site of creation in the service of artists, a concert hall, restaurant, residency space, a vast exhibition space, a fanzinothèque (fanzine library) and a record store. Le Confort Moderne inscribes itself in two traditions: that of “squats,” site occupations, cultural activism and alternative cultural activity from the 1980’s and that of northern European “Fabrik” and Kunstverein, sites where art is made, exchanged and lived.

They are also an engaged and visionary association: L’oreille est hardie. Begun at the end of the 1970’s, it made the town tremble with its avant-garde sound before moving to 185 rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf. Since then, the layering of artistic and human adventures, concerts, exhibitions, unbridled experiments, parties and gatherings draw the outlines of an unwavering, generous, prospective and international artistic identity at the service of independent music and the art of today.

What makes their organisation unique?

The organization is flexible, offering itself to artists so that they can project here without limit their visions of the world.

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