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Associazione Interzona was born in 1992 in Verona’s warehouse area that had fallen into disuse. The building was used at first as a specialised refrigeration station and was the first example of creative decommissioning in Italy. An excellent example of industrial architecture from 1929, this building remained the headquarters of Interzona until 2004, when it moved ti Warehouse 22 – a 700m 2 multifunctional space from the 1940s.

The aim of Interzona, whose activity is based exclusively on volunteer work, is to explore and promote all expressions of the independent artistic scene in music, performing and visual arts, theatre, cinema and literature, with a special focus on innovative and experimental interpretations.

More than 700 events have taken place at Interzona in almost 25 years of life: concerts, performances, film festivals, artist residencies, workshops and conferences, just to name a few.

Interzona lost its space in November 2016 due to the development projects of the owner, Fondazione Cariverona, that as of today are still not completely realised. The group that gave life to Interzona is still working and looking for a new venue.

What makes the organisation unique?

Resilience Interzona has long been collaborating with other cultural centres and institutions – local, national and also international ones, thanks to Trans Europe Halles.

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Italy Hub (Italian Network of Independent Cultural Centres)

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