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The Cultural Production Center Godsbanen opened in 2012 in the buildings of an old freight train station in Aarhus, Denmark. Covering 10,500m 2 , it is a creative powerhouse in the new city district of Aarhus K.

At Godsbanen you can improve your cultural skills and realise projects in the field of design, art and culture. If you are a cultural entrepreneur, designer or artist, you can become part of the creative community by renting an office space or a project room. And performing artists can develop their work by applying for the residency programme in a large and well-equipped black box theatre; Åbne Scene.

What makes the organisation unique?

Godsbanen aims to support the development of cultural skills for everyone – no matter what their individual starting point is – for professionals, upcoming artists or amateur creatives.

  • Facilities
  • MusicNotesSimple Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300)
  • Large Concert Hall (audience capacity: more than 300)
  • Factory Multifunction Hall
  • MaskHappy Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200)
  • Large Theatre (audience capacity: more than 200)
  • Black box
  • Art Gallery
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Workshop room
  • Artists Studio
  • Rehearsal or Practice Room
  • School
  • Shop or other retail space
  • Wrench Repair Shop
  • Artistic Residency Accommodation
  • Coffee Café / Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Co-working Space
  • Maker Space
  • Arts / Creative / Business / Social Incubator
  • Multi-purpose Space
  • Courtyard

  • Work areas
  • MusicNotesSimple Music
  • Theatre / Performance
  • Dance
  • MaskHappy Visual Arts
  • Crafts
  • Literature
  • Publishing
  • Design
  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Palette Art residencies
  • Education
  • Community and Relational Arts
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Activities
  • Education and Training
  • Production
  • Exhibition and Programming

  • Former use of space
  • Transport Infrastructure

  • TEH Membership