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Fanak Fund

Fanak Fund is an international non-profit organisation which facilitates the mobility and creativity of creatives and cultural entrepreneurs living and working in the Arab-speaking world, Europe and the Middle East, to enhance cultural and artistic development at the local level and to favour multilateral connections and networking. Fanak Fund launches a general fund for mobility every year, dedicated to providing travel grants to individual creatives and cultural entrepreneurs. We also develop specific regional sub-programmes in the framework of specific financial partnerships which target either specific geographical areas or artistic practices. Zodeh is also one of our programmes, and has been developed to respond to the consequences of a beneficial mobility experience by strengthening the capacities of artistic teams in the Middle East and Arab-speaking world to consolidate their activities and organisations. Finally, the Ana Houna programme is a specific initiative dedicated to artists in exile near the conflict zones. Fanak Fund supports local host organisations of artists in exile in Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan and Jordan following conflicts in the region. We have a wide outreach across the artistic community of Europe and the Middle East (15 000 contacts) and have developed over 35 funding partnerships in the last 12 years.

What makes your organisation unique?

Fanak Fund is a cultural bridge between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa to build exchange for mutual cooperation.

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