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Eventsure is a quality standard in events and creative project management. They assist organisers, governments, private owners, and project developers with the creation of concepts, experiences, and spaces. Their focus is to create meaningful and impactful creative spaces, businesses and concepts through a blend of expertise, craftsmanship, education, and inspiration.

With over 15 years of experience in the socio-cultural, events, and nightlife sector and with an elaborate network of specialists, they are able to bring the boldest ideas to life with a hands-on approach and a forward-thinking vision. Over the last years, Eventsure was one of the driving forces behind the cultural gentrification project ‘Meatpack’, which was a creative hub for artists, freelancers, and organizers to freely experiment, and develop themselves. More recently they’ve been putting their shoulders under the project ‘Kasteel Blauwhuis’, a historical monumental castle and domain that’s being transformed into a social and entrepreneurial playground.

Next to this, they like to empower, inspire, and educate. Their ‘Eventsure Academy’ is a supra-local training platform for creative and enterprising people that stands for tailor-made education. The academy offers courses, talks, and workshops that can be customised to any specific needs. They focus on education around trends and future-oriented topics and therefore love to explore new and uncovered subjects.

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