Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube

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Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube

If you want butterflies, you have to plant a field full of flowers.

Die Bäckerei is located in an old industrial bakery. The project started in 2010 with the appropriation of the old building by a bunch of untrained but very enthusiastic crafts(wo)men (the team). Since the beginning, participation, learning by doing and co-creation are very important practices. The mission of Die Bäckerei is to be for the people of Innsbruck what a field of flowers is for butterflies.

Like butterflies, creativity is something beautiful, but fleeting. You can not force or control it, you can only create good conditions for it to thrive. The job of the Bäckerei is to prepare the ground for creativity. In other words, the centre provides an easy access to culture, enable creative self expression and support community building. That happens mostly through the cultural program, which is concentrated on participatory formats (f.e. Poetry Slams, Open Mics, participatory bike and wood workshop), through the shared office- and workspaces, and the support the organisation gives to many creatives and their projects.

About 100 different people use Die Bäckerei every year to realise a creative project. And about 25.000 people come to experience one of their 400+ events.

What makes the organisation unique?

Self Organisation (no formal hierarchy), Bricolage building style.

What TEH projects are you a part of?

Staff Exchange

  • Facilities
  • MusicNotesSimple Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300)
  • Factory Multifunction Hall
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  • Coffee Café / Bar
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  • Garden

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  • MaskHappy Visual Arts
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  • Community and Relational Arts
  • Democratic and civil society development
  • Leaf Ecology and Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship

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  • Factory Industrial Building

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