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Cultural Centre REX

Cultural Center REX / Fund B92 is a place for contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice in Serbia. REX was founded in 1994 by, at that time, the independent radio station B92. REX collaborates with colleagues throughout Serbia, as well as with colleagues from the Balkan region and Europe.

Through their programmes, they research and present fields of culture and social engagement and fields in which different branches of art overlap. The aim of the projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups by articulating their ideas, putting those ideas into practice, developing an understanding of social relationships, and using knowledge and skills in a creative way. They focus special attention to young authors and audiences.

They support, present and produce contemporary art and cultural projects through open public events, presentations, lectures, dance and theatre performances, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, film and music festivals. They are open daily for rehearsals, preparation of projects, and meetings of related initiatives and organisations.

What makes the organisation unique?

Their pioneering role in establishing an independent cultural field in Belgrade and Serbia, supporting experimental, alternative artistic and cultural production, social engagement; it is a civil society empowering hub, drawing on heritage and the tradition of the anti-war movement, support and inclusion of marginal social groups; it also includes intensive collaboration at a national, regional and international level.

What TEH activities are you a part of?

Balkan Hub, Staff Exchange

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