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Based in Wiltz in the north of Luxembourg, COOPERATIONS is located at the premises of a former brewery comprising a total area of 5,000 m².

In 1990, a number of Wiltz residents and local organisations got together and founded the non-profit association COOPERATIONS. The programmes supported by COOPERATIONS promote interrelations between art, social participation and the development of rural spaces. As a cultural services provider, COOPERATIONS has been commissioned by the Council of Wiltz to operate the regional cultural centre Prabbeli . The centre’s varied programme, which also includes the Nuit des Lampions and the Festival de Wiltz , attracts a broad audience, both from Luxembourg and abroad.

COOPERATIONS also supports a variety of other projects; e.g. the ‘living work of art’ Jardin de Wiltz , initiated in the early 1980s as an artistic and social project and realized by a group of local residents, artists and people with disabilities; or the Jugendbureau , our latest project, a platform for political education for children and young people.

The main goal of COOPERATIONS is to facilitate social inclusion and social, cultural and professional participation and give people a sense of belonging. COOPERATIONS is dedicated to developing the potentials of people and places and promotes interaction between art and the social and physical environment.

What makes the organisation unique?

COOPERATIONS is a socio-cultural non-profit organisation with a focus on culture, social participation and the development of individual potentials. Its facilities include event rooms, a cinema including a café, a restaurant and an artistically designed garden always open for visitors. The organisation also provides opportunities for people with disabilities to find regular employment in the areas catering, art and garden design.

What TEH projects are you part of?

Arts Education Platform

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  • MusicNotesSimple Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300)
  • MaskHappy Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200)
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  • Restaurant
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  • Conference Room
  • Art Gallery
  • Workshop room
  • Garden

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