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C.AR.M.E. is a cultural organisation based in northern Italy, since 2017. Situated in one of the most antique areas of the city of Brescia, the historic district of Carmine was once the epicentre of migration mostly from Southern Italy and was full of artisans’ shops, small shops and artists. At the beginning of the 19th century the area experienced another migration wave and a moment of decline which took shape in criminality, prostitution and illegal trafficking. The aim of the center is to regenerate the historic district of Carmine in Brescia with initiatives that touch the local community and bring confrontation from a larger international context to our city, using contemporary languages and the arts to open a conversation about our society. C.AR.M.E. hosts exhibitions, events, talks, workshop and education programs to promote and support encounter and confrontation between people, objects, languages, cultures. Their mission is to inform, educate and promote awareness through art and culture. They believe that art is a tool to enrich.

What makes the organisation unique?

They use art as a tool to bring people from the most diverse context together, to discuss about many topics not only related to art but to the society at glance.

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Armando Chiarini

Armando Chiarini

Head of communication
Giada Crispiels

Giada Crispiels