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ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage has been operating since 2007 as a laboratory and venue for transcultural and participatory art processes. More than 400 events take place annually in this former market hall at Vienna’s Brunnenmarkt.

The programme ranges from theatre and dance to music formats, exhibitions and film. The art productions are created in co-creation and promote encounters at eye level. Long-term collaborations with established cultural institutions in the city centre are a core concept. Artistic quality and socio-political goals are combined to create a new collective space for a heterogeneous audience.

Brunnenpassage is a space for research and implementation of these transcultural art processes, hence knowledge transfer is crucial to pass on and exchange insights and methods regarding programming, art production and audience outreach – at both the national and international level. The overall concept is specifically designed to foster an art practice and production that allows complex and broad perspectives and thus lives up to the social plurality of society.

What makes the organisation unique?

Transculture, participation, co-creation, decentralised art space, expertise in transcultural art production, creating collective spaces for heterogeneous audiences, partnerships with established art and cultural institutions, post-migrant art, practice-based research.

What TEH activities are you a part of?

Arts Education Platform, Staff Exchange and SPOTing project .

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