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Blivande is a centre for participatory culture in the Frihamnen harbor in Stockholm. Its mission is co-creation, communal effort for a stronger society, and sharing resources to increase the freedom of independent entrepreneurs, artists, and community builders.

The centre is made up of five integrated parts. Tau is an art- and maker-space and community-space to foster creativity in an intimate and supportive environment, driven by the ethos of participatory culture. The co-working space Beta is an office at the heart of a community. Frihamnstorget is an outdoor container-plaza for grassroots art, crafts, creativity, events, and culture – open to various initiatives. Noden is a radical experiment in community building and a year-around place for a wide variety of co-created and non-profit workshops and events.

Blivande Events is a venue for parties, club nights, concerts, or seminars. The centre has excellent audio and visual equipment and can take care of booking DJs and entertainers.

What makes the organisation unique?

Their focus is on participatory culture and community. They specifically invite initiatives that blur the definitions of “artist” ond “creator”. It’s common to be handed a task to work on within an hour of arriving to one of the events. The centre is also good at keeping its community engaged in decisions and new developments through its online forum and specially developed software for co-creation.

Another aspect that makes the organisation unique is that they are trying to grow an ecosystem of people with different complementing skills and qualities – from painters and dancers to plumbers and software developers.

What TEH projects is it part of?

TEH Nordic Hub

  • Facilities
  • MusicNotesSimple Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300)
  • Outdoor stage
  • Factory Multifunction Hall
  • Art Gallery
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Workshop room
  • Artists Studio
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Wrench Repair Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Co-working Space
  • Maker Space
  • Arts / Creative / Business / Social Incubator
  • Community Areas
  • Multi-purpose Space
  • Courtyard
  • Garden

  • Work areas
  • MusicNotesSimple Music
  • Dance
  • MaskHappy Visual Arts
  • Multimedia and interactive Arts
  • Crafts
  • Literature
  • Design
  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Technology
  • Software
  • IT and Gaming
  • Education
  • Community and Relational Arts
  • Democratic and civil society development
  • Leaf Ecology and Sustainability
  • Gastronomy
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Activities
  • Research
  • Exhibition and Programming
  • Education and Training
  • National advocacy

  • Former use of space
  • Sports and Recreation Building

  • TEH Membership