Bitamine Kultur Elkartea

Full Member / Spain

Bitamine is a room for artistic, cultural and social research on the border.

Our mission is focused on favouring a worthy framework for the construction of thought associated with contemporary art and local culture with international projection and connection. Always in relation to the territory we inhabit and its unique citizenship. This is promoted through the development of projects, calls for creative grants and residency programmes.

Bitamine is currently a project of Bitamine Kultur Elkartea, based in Irun, but its origins date back to 2010, when it was conceived as a shared space for a group of women artists and cultural managers with common objectives.

With extensive experience in the public field, mediation and participation, the objective that has been set in motion since 2021 is to contribute the knowledge acquired over more than ten years to provide an improvement to the local artistic and cultural community of which we are a part. The commitment lies in the design of programmes and the production of shared spaces of thought to gather the results of research, social innovation, mediation and historical memory projects. With the artistic axis running through each section of knowledge.

We cooperate and participate in the assessment and implementation of dynamics, projects and processes for other institutions and shared initiatives. We operate in a network, we co-create and collaborate because in this way we enrich both the projects themselves and the people involved in them. Diversity fosters innovation and working together promotes social cohesion.

What makes the organisation unique?

An approach halfway between artistic processes and cultural management, with a high impact on the community.

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  • Education
  • Community and Relational Arts
  • Democratic and civil society development

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