Wellbeing Hours – Open Call 2023

We are relaunching our bottom-up programme dedicated to wellbeing and mental health of cultural workers

Published on Sept. 8, 2023

This programme aims to support 4 TEH members across Europe to improve resilience and wellbeing of their teams. 

Why are we doing this? 

In the times of crisis, it is especially hard to maintain your health. Insecure situations, longer periods of stress, and other external factors can affect your physical and mental condition. The cultural sector is one of the most vulnerable while also resilient. Trans Europe Halles is a solidarity network that offers support to its members in good and bad times. With the wellbeing hours programme, we facilitate 4 centres to host a small-scale wellbeing session with their own staff and or local community.   

The first edition of the programme was implemented in 2022.

Eight members from seven different countries participated in the programme, each in their own unique way. The programs implemented provided members with the opportunity to learn, grow and hone skills related to their chosen topic. In addition, the programme enabled members to build connections and relationships with other members and communities, while gaining a better understanding of the issues faced by the centre’s target group. 


PARTICIPANTS 2022: Anazitites Theatrou – FixInArt (Greece), Brunnenpassage (Austria). Communitism (Greece), Gabriel Caruana Foundation (Malta), Institute for X (Denmark), Malakta (Finland), Nau Ivanow (Spain),Viernulvier / Vooruit (Belgium). 79 indivividuals participated across these communities.  

How does it work? 

One full member from each country can participate. If more applications from one country are applying, we will consider their application but might give priority to centres based in other locations. The chosen participants will be expected to host a wellbeing training/ session between 20 October – 10 December 2023. 

What is expected from members? 

  • Offer the space  
  • Look for an artist/coach in your community
  • Facilitate catering (if needed) 
  • Promote the event  
  • Arrange ticket sales (optional).

What will TEH Office do? 

  • Promotes the overall programme via the TEH channels in English  
  • Offers a flat fee for the artist/coach of 500 EUR incl VAT.   

What is expected of a coach/ artist? 

  • Send pictures and report to TEH office  
  • Send invoice to TEH office

Application process 

If you are interested to participate, please REGISTER HERE.

Deadline to apply: 10 October 2023 


If you have any questions, please email at erika@teh.net