TEH Startup Support Programme Participants – 2018

We are happy to announce three selected emerging cultural centres in the Balkans to join…
Published on March 8, 2018

We are happy to announce three selected emerging cultural centres in the Balkans to join our Startup Support Programme in 2018. We will support Communitism (Athens, Greece), ARTA (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and Anibar (Peja, Kosovo) to overcome their organisational challenges and become more resilient. The Startup Support Programme aims to assist leaders of civil society organisations in their endeavour to set up cultural centres in repurposed buildings. You can read more about TEH Startup Support Programme here. Three selected centres are:


Communitism is situated in the heart of Metaxourgeio, one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Athens, due to the coexistence of cultural, ethnic and social groups, of all genders, ages and backgrounds. Their centre is an adjacent former textile factory that combines 2 street level shopfront areas formerly a high-end men’s clothing store and a knitting supplies shop. They want to revive abandoned cultural heritage buildings in Athens through the collaboration and motivation of existing community structures while creating a methodology and support network for future teams reviving similar scenarios with cultural heritage buildings. They aim to work on capacity building and developing strategies for new ways of collaborating to enhance their experience in collective work during TEH Startup Support Programme. Read more about Communitism

ARTA in dialogue Association

ARTA is a cultural centre in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The centre is situated in one of the oldest cinemas in Romania. The building is a historical monument dating back to 1913. ARTA was founded in 2017 as a multidisciplinary platform to contribute to the cultural and social life in Cluj- Napoca. They promote cultural values, arts education, diversity and inclusiveness through the showcases and interaction between various forms of art, and also between people. They aim to become a vivid cultural hub, a catalyst for the independent cultural and creative sector in the city with TEH Startup Support Programme. Read more about ARTA


Anibar is a multidisciplinary cultural centre founded in 2014 in Peja, Kosovo. They repurposed a 50-year-old movie theatre into a socio-cultural centre to break the civic apathy through cultural activism in the city.  They provide a social-cultural-educational space for the community. They believe that culture is essential to have a creative, diverse and open-minded society in an economically and democratically developed city. For doing so, they focus on their determination and passion. They would like to work on their goal of having a common space for everyone during TEH Startup Programme. Read more about Anibar
Photo Credit: Maaike Stutterheim (Communitism)
*The Startup Support Programme is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.