Are you planning a project with another cultural centre within Trans Europe Halles network? Do you want…
Published on March 22, 2021

Are you planning a project with another cultural centre within Trans Europe Halles network? Do you want to support your staff’s professional development? Or are you interested in programmes, structures, community activities and projects of other cultural centres from the network? Then you can join Staff Exchange Programme developed within the Factories of Imagination project.

As lockdowns and travel restrictions continue throughout Europe due to COVID-19 pandemic, it will probably be hard or even impossible to visit all our members in different corners of Europe. That’s why we would like to encourage you to explore more places within your own country or region, visiting places closest to your borders. 


TEH Staff Exchange Programme is creating mobility opportunities for arts and culture professionals across borders to increase and foster professional development opportunities and knowledge exchange through action-based learning.

This programme offers possibility to share experience with another team from similar cultural centre for 1 to 4 weeks long exchange. Participants can gain new skills, motivation, new perspectives, strengthen their knowledge and partnerships thanks to short term, but intensive stay.

When will it happen this year?

5 exchanges can take place from May 2021 till August 2021

Reporting (evaluation forms as well as delivery of boarding passes, other documents, and invoices) should be finalised by 15 September.

Who can participate?

Any person from any department from member centres and associate members of TEH, working for cultural center at least for one year is eligible for this programme.

What costs are involved?

From the programme could be covered travel costs and support for accommodation up to 400 Euro. Other costs connected with hosting should be communicated between hosting and sending organization. There are no fees associated with this program.

How to apply?

Fill in the application form here by 12 April, 2021. 
You will be informed about selection of exchangers by 19 April, 2021. 


For more information and requirements  contact Katarína Morávek Ďuricová, katka@teh.net