TEH News Bulletin – November/December

Izolyatsia / Kyiv, Ukraine Open Call for U.S. Based Artists Vol. 2 IZOLYATSIA with support…
Published on Nov. 1, 2018

Izolyatsia / Kyiv, Ukraine

Open Call for U.S. Based Artists Vol. 2

IZOLYATSIA with support from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is pleased to announce an Open Call for the American-based artists. The Open Call vol. 2 focuses on socially and politically engaged art practices, activism, urbanism, public art and community-based art. The preference goes to the artists who employ different media to investigate post-industrial regeneration, creative economy, complex social and political matters of migration and displacement, performative or participatory practices engaging with local communities, performance practice, interdisciplinary research.
The residency lasts a month period between October 2018 – September 2019.
Deadline: Application period is open now.
More information about the application process can be found here

CulturePolis / Corfu, Greece

Seminar: Managing Our Heritage with the Local Community

CulturePolis announces its first ForCulture initiative seminar on16-18 November in Delphi; a specialized seminar/training for advanced students in Humanities and Heritage studies, cultural professionals, local authorities representatives and more will take place focusing on involving local stakeholders in effective Cultural Policies and Cultural Heritage Management process.
More info here about the seminar here.
Read more about the initiative

Ifo Center / Bromolla, Sweden

Ifö Center offers artist-in-residence opportunities
Ifö Center is a new cultural centre based in an old ceramics factory at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden. It is run by a creative collective who are striving to turn the venue into a platform for creativity. Ifö Center can boast a vast range of facilities from a graphic print studio to woodworking machines and concrete mixers.
The centre happily welcomes artists, artisans and art school students from all over the world to do an artist residency at their venue setting up an art project. Residents will have free access to all the workshops and facilities, as well as financial support from the centre and accommodation. The centre also has a large local network and a volunteer group that can assist projects that might need extra hands.
There is no limit to what the project can be about as long as residents are motivated, independent and work well within the collective.
Deadline: Applications are received continuously and processed within approximately two weeks.
For more information about the application contact Teresa Holmberg Högsma, x567utopia@hotmail.com.

ZAWP / Bilbao, Spain

CREhAbana is a project initiated in 2015 by Tecnalia and the Oficina del Historiador de La Habana Vieja in the historical centre of Havana, Cuba. The project aims to strengthen internal processes of local development and transformation of the urban areas as a vector of economic growth and sustainable social transformation of the historical centre of the city. The contribution has been made through the implementation of a strategy to turn the historical centre of Havana into a creative city laboratory.
During the last 3 years, ZAWP has been collaborating with the project, sharing its experience and knowledge about the regeneration of abandoned spaces. It will travel to Havana in November to launch a new creative space in the city called Sarrá.
More information about the project can be found here.

Brunnenpassage / Vienna, Austria

Living Realities. Changing Perceptions
Brunnenpassage is a lead partner of international cooperation project, Living Realities. Changing Perceptions. It is a socio-political, transdisciplinary art project that brings into focus the living realities of people who have to flee from their home countries. The part of the project is a touring exhibition Stages of Flight that binds the project and its various partners together. Its main objective is to let immigrants tell their own story through the medium of photography and create an alternative narrative to the populist one shown in the media.
More information about the exhibition and its opening hours are here.

Associazione Culturale Oltre / Bologna, Italy

Artist-in-residence programme at Camere d’Aria

Camere d’Aria is inviting 5 artistic initiatives working in the field of stage production to do an artist residency. The call aims at individuals or theatre companies (up to 8 people) who would like to turn texts by contemporary authors into stage productions. The centre will provide accommodation, breakfast and facilities for a maximum of one week for artists to develop their projects that will be later presented to the local audience.

Deadline: 14 December
For application contact: cameredariainfo@gmail.com

L’hybride / Lille, France

Video Mapping Workshops 
March 2019, Lille France

As a part of the Video Mapping Festival #2, the association Rencontres Audiovisuelles invites students and emerging artists from the fields of video mapping, animation and video games for a series of workshops on video mapping in March 2019.
The creations made during the workshops will be later screened at the Opening Ceremony of the Video Mapping Festival in Lille, between 29-30 March 2019.
More information can be found here.

RICCI – Network of Italian cultural centres

Creation of the network of cultural centres across Italy (a.k.a. Italian TEH Hub)

At TEH Camp Meeting in Bagneux, seven Italian centres have decided to form a network of independent cultural centres – RICCI (Rete Italiana di Centri Culturali Indipendenti) that is also a new TEH Hub. The idea of the network was born out of the need to have a shared platform for mutual support, exchange and collaboration on a national level. The objective of the network is to promote the value of cultural and creative spaces initiated by citizens and artists. The member centres are Interzona, Maniffature Knos, Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Ateliersi, DOM and Associazione Culturale Oltre.
The first events of the network will be taking place simultaneously in Bologna, Lecce and Catania on 17 November 2018.

Roda Sten Konsthall / Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) is organised by Röda Sten Konsthall and takes place every two years in Gothenburg, Sweden. Started in 2001, it has established itself as one of Sweden’s biggest art events and a relevant art biennial for the Nordic region. For its 10th edition in 2019, the biennial will re-consider its format and extend beyond its implied temporality by inviting a curator, Lisa Rosendahl, to work with the two upcoming editions. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of the Nordic art scene, an informed international perspective and a context-specific approach will bring the biennial to a new level and closer to the local community.
GIBCA 2019 will run from September 7th to November 17th and will take place at Röda Sten Konsthall and collaborative arenas throughout the city of Gothenburg.
Learn more about the biennial.  

TEH Ambassador news

Annette Wolfsberger
The Re-Imagined Residency

Lighthouse’s programme strives to connect artistic practices across different disciplines and physical spaces. As part of our Re-Imagine Europe programme, we would like to welcome a duo comprising a visual artist and music or sound artist/practitioner (e.g. a DJ, music producer, sound artist, composer, performer, sound practitioner, or musician) to take part in a two-week residency at Lighthouse in Brighton. The residencies are an opportunity for artists, practitioners, producers and technologists to expand their practice and research and develop new ideas and methodologies.
Find more information about the application process here.