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We have loads of things to share with you… Ifo Center / Bromolla, Sweden Ifö Center…
Published on April 3, 2019

We have loads of things to share with you…

Ifo Center / Bromolla, Sweden

Ifö Center is launching an open call for artists in residence between April-November 2019. Ifö Center is a new, artist-run cultural center at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden. It is located in an old ceramics factory and holds collective workshops, print studio, various equipment, such as slab roller and concrete mixers.
Right now they are inviting artists, artisans, and art school students to do art residence with them. Residents will have access to the workshops and will live in a large villa next to the centre. Residency can result in an exhibition or maybe something else. In some cases, Ifö Center can also provide financial support for travel, material and/or living.
Find more information about the application procedure here.

Tou Scene / Stavanger, Norway

After years of planning and building, the music community Tou Lyd finally opened on Tuesday, 26 March. Tou Lyd is a music community for professional musicians, producers, as well as upcoming talents.
The facilities contain 18 types of rehearsal rooms and 4 studios connected to a live-room. Tou Lyd’s objective is to facilitate for professional production, lay grounds for industry development and be a significant meeting place for the community. Close to 100 musicians and producers will be working at Tou Lyd on a daily basis.

Bitamine Faktoria / Irun, Spain

KONTENPORANEA is a Contemporary Culture Meeting promoted by the city council of Irun (Basque Country) and organised by young professionals coming from various fields of art. This collaborative project aims to give visibility to artists in a local, national and international level by asking their input on a specific subject. The fourth edition of KONTENPORANEA is turning around the topic of EXCHANGE. More precisely, the open call aims at an artist (or group of artists) and asks for their artwork on the exchange that exists between human and non-human.
Application deadline: 22 April.
It is important to remind that the OPEN CALL addresses to artists regardless of their age, nationality and field of art, as long as their artwork can be printable.
Once the selection of artworks is done, they will be exhibited in public space throughout the three days of KONTENPORANEA on 17-19May 2019.
Register here. Find more information about the event here.

Studio ALTA / Prague, Czech Republic

Studio ALTA is happy to invite professional dancers for a series of three-hour workshops with DanielRaček between 13-17 May 2019. These lessons are for all enthusiasts who would like to become aware of their bodies and their motion possibilities.
Lessons will start with technical training followed by improvised duets. Let´s enjoy improvised duets full of grace, courage, risk, lightness of being and the possibility to choose.
Read more information about the workshops here.

Den Ny Maltfabrik / Ebeltoft, Denmark

This summer Den Ny Maltfabrik in Ebeltoft, Denmark, is opening for the public. After 1,5 year of construction and renovation, the old malt factory from 1861 is given a new life as the cultural and commercial center of the region. The 5000 square meters inside the old building will house a museum, library, microbrewery, concert venue, restaurants, workshop facilities, co-working space and artist residencies.
We are looking forward to sharing all the future activities from Maltfabrikken in Denmark!

Communitism / Athens, Greece

Butterflies and camels have always been subjects of curiosity: Butterflies are light and buoyant. They pollinate from flower to flower, following the wind and the ephemeral changes of season. Camels are creatures of labor. Where the butterfly is free, the camel weathers all storms and droughts. The camel is self-sufficient, carrying their own water, moving through life with steady strength; always remembering a face or their way home.
Can you relate to any of the two? It is our observation that in most social groups, personalities can be matched to these two options. However, in a well-blended group they are able to exchange roles, each one able to enjoy a little bit of the other’s charisma.
In Communitism, we believe that communication is achieved through common practice. For this reason, and because we are looking forward to embodying a little bit more of the camel or the butterfly, we invite artists, crafters and makers of all kinds to create with us an outstanding fashion show, dedicated to these two lovely creatures and their unlimited combinations. Clothing, accessories and the whole show’s set up will be created by repurposing old garments and materials, through a horizontal skill sharing process. So far we have knowledge in garments, jewelry and lighting making techniques.
Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with the group. We are looking forward to blending all of our approaches and ideas! By the end of the project, each one of us will have a collectively created outfit to model in the fashion show of ‘Butterflies and Camels’, at Communitism Building, at the end of May 2019.
If you feel like holding a residency along this project, then drop a line to the organisers at communitism4art@gmail.com.

Associazione Culturale Oltre… / Bologna, Italy

The Great International Soup Festival – Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa -is a free-entry open-air soup contest, spiced up by street artists, music and tireless volunteers. It takes place in Bologna every year since 2006.
The 12th edition of the “pop” soup cook-off takes place in Parco Pier Paolo Pasolini on 5 May. It will celebrate the Anniversary of Italy’s Liberation, the International Workers’ Day and the core values of a peaceful and inclusive society. Everyone is invited to take part in the free tasting and to vote for the favourite soup! People are encouraged to come by bike or bus and bring their own bowl and spoon (to reduce plastic waste).
The festival is organised by Associazione Culturale Oltre… in order to promote active community involvement, equality and solidarity, a cultural and generational melting pot.
In order to participate as soup-contestant, free registration is required by filling up the online formThink that it’s a great initiative?! Then support the festival through our crowdfunding campaign!
Be the spark that lights up the festival: SOUPport the Soup!


  1. Tou Scene:  The Mayor Christine Sagen Helgæ at Opening of Tou Lyd
  2. Studio ALTA: Tatiana Brederová
  3. Communitism: The banner by D Dourida
  4. ManifestoZuppa2019 – Stampa oltre
  5. Den Ny Maltfabrik: Dennis Kristensen