TEH member Cotranspose wins New European Bauhaus Prize!

TEH newest member and last year’s winner of our Philippe Grombeer Award swept another prize, this time from New European Bauhaus Initiative!

Published on April 23, 2024

A few words about Cotranspose

Cotranspose is a creative project from Greece aiming to reclaim inactive spaces through cultural and social interactions. The project invites creatives to (re)use those spaces, work together and co-create while building a sustainable relationship of exchange with the communities that facilitate them.

Cotranspose joined our mentorship programme for young art collectives, titled 'Duct Tape and Dreams' last year. At the end of their learning journey they have been awarded a prize, named after our beloved founder Philippe Grombeer for their dedication and impressive learning curve!

About the prize

Every year since its launch, the New European Bauhaus Initiative has been awarding concepts and projects that contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful Europe with small money grants.

Each year, the prize has four thematic categories:

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Regaining a sense of belonging
  • Prioritising the places and people that need it the most
  • Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking

Winners and runners-up are selected by an expert jury and a public online vote. Each selected project gets a money compensation and a communication support package from the European Commission. Read more here.

Cotranspose submitted a nomination for the New European Bauhaus Prize 2024 with the proposal "Co-llection - a collective narratorship of trans-local (hi)stories".

Co-llection is a creative project responding to the erosion of rural narratives. It facilitates international artists and local communities to co-create an evolving knowledge platform where (hi)stories are preserved, transformed and enriched through creative reimagining, transcending traditional archival methods. Through social and cultural interactions, it empowers humans to reclaim narratorship and reconnect to their roots, rekindling a sense of belonging.


Eleni Tsompanidou

One of the founders of Cotranspose:

"The award from the New European Bauhaus Network is a great honour and a significant support and encouragement for our work in the depopulated villages of North Greece, supporting the ideology of sustainability”

Learn more about the project!