Study visits for Art Educators

The Arts Education Platform is one of the components of Trans Europe Halles’ project Factories…
Published on Aug. 31, 2018

The Arts Education Platform is one of the components of Trans Europe Halles’ project Factories of Imagination. The primary purpose of the platform is to facilitate, exchange and transfer knowledge between arts educators in TEH network.
One part of the platform is to enable study visits for practising art educators within TEH network to learn more about educational practices through action based-learning.

Arts Education Platform Study Visits

The Arts Education Platform offers travel and accommodation support (up to 250€ + 150€) to three art educators of Trans Europe Halles member centres

Duration of the Visit

The duration of the visit should be one week or two weeks. The exchanges can take place anytime from November 2018 till July 2019. The visitor and hosting organisation will plan the visit together to find a period that suits both parties.

Eligibility Criteria

Arts educators working for Trans Europe Halles member centres with a minimum of three years’ experience on the field

Travel and Accommodation Support

Trans Europe Halles offers financial support to help the visitor with travel and accommodation. The sending organisation needs to make sure they can cover all other costs for the study visit.
Costs will be reimbursed after the participants submit their evaluation report to the Programme Coordinator at the end of the programme. Participants are also obliged to attach all necessary documents (invoices, receipts, boarding passes, etc.).

Hosting TEH Centres

Check the database of hosting TEH centres for further information about:
hosting centres, arts education programmes in the centres, fields of the arts education and expertise in the centres, what the centres can offer.


Participants are compelled to write a report about their visit, as well as to submit original documents of invoice, receipts, boarding passes, etc. related to the costs to be reimbursed.
The visitor should also observe the hosting organisation and answer pre-set questions that could help evaluate and further develop the work in the hosting organisation. The visitor and hosting organisation will schedule interviews, observations of arts educational activities and more.

Application process and deadlines

Call for applications opens: 03 September 2018.
Deadline for applications: 01 October 2018.
Selection of candidates: before mid of October 2018.
Candidates are informed of the results: after mid of October 2018.
Visit period: November 2018 – July 2019
Reporting period: One month after the visit takes place.
Apply for the study visit by filling in the google form


If you need more information about the programme, contact coordinator Hanna Olsson at