Startup Support Programme Participants 2020-2021

Back in June, we announced a call for emerging cultural initiatives from the Mediterraneans. After…
Published on Sept. 30, 2020

Back in June, we announced a call for emerging cultural initiatives from the Mediterraneans. After a long and careful evaluation, we are now ready to announce the participants of the Startup Support Programme 2020-2021.

La Centrale

La Centrale is a project based in Bergamo, Italy. It is going to open its venue in a former power plant in March 2021. The project consists of six different organisations that are working to create a centre that can enrich the city’s cultural life. They want the centre to become the local attraction and an inspirational hub for projects that ignites social value.

La Centrale aspires to be a cultural stronghold for the surrounding neighborhood and the city. A platform that explores new forms of cultural fruitions through entrepreneurship, economic sustainability, innovation and a high cultural quality.

EIXO Residências

EIXO Residências is an artistic residencies’ platform for the experimentation, research and reflection in the performing arts’ creation and educational practices, based in Mosteiró / Vila do Conde (a village about 16km from Porto).

Their aim is to promote a continuous dialogue between performance artists, local citizens and other cultural structures and networks. For that, they develop, support and collaborate with artistic projects that encourage and nurture direct relationships with different communities through the exercise of empathy, consensus, co-creation and cultural empowerment.


A ex-kiosk transformed into a mini contemporary art gallery in a medieval village in the Italian Appennines.

E50035 is a space for experimentation and enhancement of the material and immaterial cultural heritage, where history and contemporaneity can dialogue through innovation and creativity.

E50035 is open to enthusiastic people that have visions and can transform reality into creative visions.

Their mission is to challenge the pessimism and transience in which peripheral territories are bound by clearing the idea of ​​art and borders, making this marginal territory become a place of innovation.