Let us introduce our Startup Support Programme participants for 2019-2020. 1.) TA(R)DINO 6 ART PLATFORM…
Published on Oct. 14, 2019

Let us introduce our Startup Support Programme participants for 2019-2020.


Baku, Azerbaijan.

Launched on February 1, 2019, Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform is a Baku-born art initiative with international outreach. Letter “d” in Tar(d)ino 6 is a mistake as the intention was to name the space after actual address in Milan where the founder has been living since 2010. However, this typo symbolizes the procrastination habit in relationship to Tar(d)ino 6 project*: it should have been done much earlier, but it is not too late to start either. The all-women core team consists of curators Asli Samadova (Founder), Lesley Gray and art manager Olga Seleznyova.

With a gallery in the historic old city of Icheri Sheher, and a vintage flat near the urban core of Baku’s downtown, the platform fills in the niche in providing art professionals with the opportunity to explore their ideas in depth. Programs to date include commissioned site-specific artworks, artist talks, professional coaching and workshops by local and international artists and curators to help grow Baku’s emerging art community and to support the discourse on Azerbaijani contemporary art.

*”tardino” is a combination of the diminutive suffix “-ino” and Italian word “tardo” (“late”).

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Gyumri, Armenia.

The Kharatian Arts Center Gyumri is on its way to serve as a space for creativity, experimentation, and education. Center’s team envisions a two-way journey without boundaries: sharing Armenian values with the world and bringing the achievements of the world to Armenia.

The mission of the center is to put Gyumri, the second-largest city of Armenia, and the whole country itself, on the map as a unique destination to experience art and spirituality. The Kharatian Arts Center Gyumri strives to become a place for learning and creativity and to leverage the newest developments in art. At the same time, they want to be a pioneer in interdisciplinary research and experiential learning programs that will attract artists and visitors from all over the world.

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Baku, Azerbaijan.

Salaam Cinema is a venue for audio-visual and performing arts as well as creative movies in Baku, Azerbaijan. The center offers a wide programme of exhibitions, educational workshops dedicated to equality, inclusion and diversity.

The main mission of Salaam Cinema is to empower young artists by providing professional mentorship and supporting subcultures. They are organising film screenings to help local Azerbaijani filmmakers to reach larger audiences and increase awareness of different genres among the community.

Salaam Cinema is placed in a beautiful historic Malokan prayer house built in 1913 and only recently discovered.

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