Shared Recovery Programme: Get Back on Track!

We are launching a new initiative to support our members in this time of unprecedented…
Published on Sept. 18, 2020

We are launching a new initiative to support our members in this time of unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. Our Shared Recovery Programme will combine peer-to-peer solutions with tailor-cut expert support. It will use the collective experience and knowledge that exist in the network to help individual centres survive the pandemic. 

Olivearte Cultural Agency, our long-term collaborator, will lead the project.

Why are we doing this?

The pandemic has strongly affected our sector. All cultural centres are in various stages of lockdown. No one knows when they will re-open again and under what circumstances. Some centres are in more trouble than others, depending on location, official support, the centre’s traditional sources of income and the main activities of the centre. 

Everyone might be responding to the crisis in different ways but it is clear that everyone needs help. 

What does the programme offer?

  • We will send out a questionnaire to every participant to spot the major challenges that our members face.
  • Then we will set up interviews with up to 30 centres to explore their situation in depth. If possible, we will give immediate advice during the interviews.
  • After that we will pair-up centres based on the information we have collected during the interviews. We will create matches so that members can help each other by sharing solutions to common problems.


The programme activities will take place starting from the beginning of October until 31st December 2020.

How can you join?

This programme is free of charge and is open to TEH members, associates and former participants of the Startup Support Programme ONLY.


About the programme leaders

Olivearte is a cultural agency that provides a wide range of support to the European arts and culture sector. We have brought them to lead this project because of their experience in the cultural field, their long association and knowledge of our network and their up-to-date overview of the situation with regard to Covid and the culture sector around Europe. 

Their experience will be backed-up by our Coordination Office. This way the participants of this programme will have combined support from the Office, Olivearte and matched members.  

This programme matters

We are here to give you the best support possible. We want to see our membership flourish again. We believe that work that cultural centres do, from all parts of Europe, is too important not to fight for and not to help each other out. 

What we all share and believe in: a new and stronger cultural centre movement for the future!


If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Capacity Building Manager, Ella Overkleeft at