Senior project manager & researcher needed

Trans Europe Halles is looking for a senior project manager / researcher to lead the…
Published on Dec. 12, 2022

Trans Europe Halles is looking for a senior project manager / researcher to lead the Creative Europe ‘Cultural Transformation Movement’ project (Jan 2023-Jan 2027).

General information

  • Start date: 1 February 2023
  • Contract: This is a four-year full-time position
  • Location: Based in Sweden with flexibility of 50% remote work
  • Salary: 31,250 SEK (Gross salary)
  • Reports to: Director of Strategic Development

About The Cultural Transformation Movement and Project

Co-financed by the European Commission and led by the network Trans Europe Halles (TEH), The Cultural Transformation Movement Project (CTMP) is a four-year process that aims to diversify artistic production and its destination– starting from within the organisation itself. This will be achieved through generating and implementing strategies and methodologies of cultural management and creation processes developed with/by underrepresented communities (URCs). The project is led by TEH with its four members who are multidisciplinary art centres from Ukraine, Italy, Belgium and Austria. This project researches and examines two dimensions, one within and the other around the partner centres/organisations. It also questions the relationship between just art-making, policymaking, the context and the resulting art forms.

The Cultural Transformation Movement project (CTMP) is the first project of the Cultural Transformation Movement (CTM). The movement is a larger working group of TEH members who are investing in the topics of social and spatial justice, and who have the ambition to reduce inequalities and inspire the European cultural sector on how to transform the organisations from within, in equal partnership with the under-represented communities around them.

CTMP is a key strategic project for TEH and its success will determine a crucial area of work for the network: social and spatial sustainability.

Required Qualifications and skills

  • Strong commitment to human rights and social justice
  • PhD in Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Law, Management of organisations, economic and social geography or any relevant discipline, showing a strong research focus on culture and diversity
  • Advanced project management experience, especially in scope management, time and quality management, communication and stakeholders’ management
  • Advanced experience in designing and conducting research collaboratively, especially with grassroots organizations and under-represented communities
  • Advanced experience of medium to large scale EU projects such as Creative Europe and/or Horizon, preferably with a focus on diversity
  • Good knowledge of the European cultural sector
  • Strong writing, communication and presentation skills
  • Professional level of English language
  • Solid problem-solving and decision-making skills.

In addition, the candidate should:

  • Live in, or willing to relocate to, Sweden andhavetherighttowork
  • Be able to travel frequently forwork-related activities.


As the project manager of the Cultural Transformation Movement Project (CTMP), you will:

  • Beresponsible for the successful delivery of the CTMP
  • Develop and manageadetailedproject plan in cooperation with the consortium
  • Coordinatethe CTMP consortium
  • Be responsible for the quality control of allp roject deliverables submitted by the consortium members and other project stakeholders
  • Collaborate with TEH financial team to develop and submit the required technical and financial reports to the project
  • Manage the project expenses and report to the financial manager, as well as coordinate with the project manager and financial managers of the partners.

In addition the you will be expected to:

  • Coordinatethe CTM activities and co-produce public events and workshops with the CTM members
  • Develop TEH’s relationship with the academic sector, be updated on the relevant academic literature on topics of social justice, spatial justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and relevant issues
  • Understand the issues relevant to underrepresented communities and show a strong commitment to developing their active participation in our network.

About Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles is a pan-European network with more than 140 members in 40 European countries and beyond. We have been at the forefront of repurposing abandoned buildings for arts, culture and community usessince 1983. TEH members are multidisciplinary spaces that combine artistic and social activities, as theybelieve that arts and culture have the power to transform people, spaces and societies.

Application process

If you fulfil the requirements and is interested in this job, please send your CV and a cover letter to by 31 December 2022.

DISCLAIMER: Trans Europe Halles is an equal opportunity employer that values all knowledge and cultures. Westrongly encourage qualified candidates from under-represented groups; candidates from diverse backgrounds, across all abilities, sexual orientations, faiths and age groups to apply for this job.