Personal and group leadership workshop in Rijeka

Enable the best version of yourself We often talk about leadership today. But what does…
Published on Jan. 28, 2019

Enable the best version of yourself

We often talk about leadership today. But what does it mean? We, at Trans Europe Halles, believe that leadership starts with yourself. Discovering your inner self, your instincts and emotions is crucial to enhance your leadership. We invite you to join us in April in Rijeka to enable your potential. Surrounded by stunning Croatian nature we will indulge in self-exploration. We will use a set of unique tools to help you find the source of your inner inspiration and strength. You will learn to listen to your inner self and to others. The workshop aims to explore the themes that are important for us in the company of like-minded leaders from the cultural sector. So you can find the strength and means to carry others along with you.

What can you expect

Through this workshop you will learn:
To stay creative and confident even under pressure
To voice your opinion with authority and clarity
To stay calm and present in the face of change
To synchronise your body’s energy with your thoughts
To better understand your reactive patterns

Tools we will use

Co-development and co-creation methodologies
Collective intelligence and group support through constructive feedback
Physical workshop: “Find the leader in you, work on your posture”
Value-mapping to find your most profound values and transform them into practical use
Yoga and meditation to acquire the inner balance
Intrigued? You can already start the journey by taking this personality test or filling in this workbook.

Rijeka is the place to be this summer

Rijeka European Cultural Capital 2020 is a project that aims to improve the scope and variety of cultural venues and events in the city. It was launched this February and will continue throughout the year. Within the project 1000 cultural events will be organised and around 27 000 sq. m. of new cultural infrastructure will be built.
The participants of the workshop will get a chance to explore the city, meet local cultural managers and see the most innovative cultural projects. What can be more inspiring?

Who should attend

Professionals willing to develop their leadership skills through empathy, courage and clarity.

“I really appreciate approach to leadership based on genuine human relations”

Basic information

Dates: 1-6 April 2019
Location: Rijeka (Croatia)
Venue: Fužine 

Pick up at Zagreb airport: Monday, 1 April 2019
Return to Zagreb airport: Saturday, 6 April 2019

This workshop has limited capacity: 16 participants max.

Join us

To discover your inner potential
To learn how to treat yourself and others better
To refine your leadership style
To learn how to use collective intelligence and the ability to find a seed of hidden solution in every challenge you face in your organisation

Admission fees

  • TEH Members & Associate  400 €
  • TEH Members & Associate from the Balkans  250 €
  • Non-members from outside the Balkans  600 €
  • Non-members from the Balkans  450 €

The fee includes:

  • Workshop registration
  • Accommodation at Fužinarska Lodge for 5 nights
  • Lunches, dinners and healthy snacks during the whole programme
  • Aftermath individual coaching session
  • Tools for leadership (including Value maps)
  • Daily sessions of Tai-chi, Chi-Qong and other embodied practices
  • Follow-up materials
  • Transfer to Fuzine

Who will guide you in your learning journey

Jasenka Gojšić

Jasenka Gojšić helps people to take their dream seriously, to (re)design their lives and transform their roles bravely and timely, and to form organizations that serve the development of the highest potential of all people in an organization’s field. She has been proactively engaged in Art of hosting community from 2010, and transformational learning community from 2013.

Chrissie Poulter

Theatre maker, director, writer and teacher, Chrissie lives in Ireland and Yorkshire. She has been lecturing in theatre at Trinity College Dublin since 1990 as well as doing creative projects throughout the island and abroad. She specialises in using theatre as a way for people to engage with each other, through creative communication workshops and mentoring/coaching work with individuals and groups. Guardianship in group work is her particular passion.

Michel Quéré

Besides being the Capacity Building Director for Trans Europe Halles, Michel is a professional coach and strategic consultant for creative projects, with rich intercultural background and expertise in professional networking. He is affiliated to the International Coaching Federation, certified facilitator for Point of Value and trained to enhance the collective intelligence of groups of people.

Kate Foley

Kate is a dance artist and yoga instructor who enjoys choreographing for stage, film, and site-specific performances. She holds a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in dance and an MFA in choreography from UCLA. Her dance company career in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York paralleled apprenticeships and teacher training with Senior Iyengar teachers. She taught yoga in a wide variety of venues in the US. She moved to Rijeka in 2007, where she teaches dance and yoga and creates interdisciplinary art projects.

Impressions of the previous participants

“The Leadership Workshop was a truly transformative experience”.
“The workshop really inspired me to be courageous and take difficult yet liberating decisions of letting some things go, and opening space for new ones”.
“For me Berlin Leadership Camp was one of my best experience in last year. It gave me opportunity to meet with myself and gave me deep insight in me and group dynamics and feeling of connectivity.
I really appreciate approach to leadership based on genuine human relations”.


If you have questions or need help with your registration, contact Michel Quéré or Tanja Kalčić.
Personal and Group Leadership Workshop in Rijeka is a part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is a co-production by TEH and Rijeka European Culture Capital 2020.