Participants of TEH Startup Support Programme 2019

TEH Startup Support Programme is tailored to assist emerging cultural and creative spaces to move…
Published on Dec. 17, 2018

TEH Startup Support Programme is tailored to assist emerging cultural and creative spaces to move to a sustainable future. This year we will be supporting three centres from Eastern Europe – Korpus (Minsk, Belarus), Kultura Medialna (Dnipro, Ukraine) and ReZavod 2.0 (Lviv, Ukraine) – to overcome their organisational challenges and move to their next level of development.
All centres will be offered expert consultations and coaching for the teams. They will have access to networking opportunities, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and inspirational case studies. The participants of the Programme are also encouraged to take part in TEH Capacity Building activities. Read more about TEH Startup Support Programme.


Minsk, Belarus

Korpus is an independent, open cultural space. It is located in the former electronics and home appliances factory ‘Horizont’. The centre strives to create conditions for development, exchange and interaction for the representatives of the cultural and creative sector, civil society and business. They are passionate and driven by the desire to bring social change. They believe in the potential of grassroots initiatives and ideas to reshape the city and create a new cultural history. Learn more about Korpus.

Kultura Medialna
Dnipro, Ukraine

Kultura Medialna uses the former residence of the Vice-Governor of Yekaterinoslav as their headquarters. The mission of the cultural centre is to promote contemporary art and facilitate social innovations in all different and diverse forms and expressions. The centre also supports and educates youth and the local community. It works hard to develop creative practice in urban space and strengthen international cultural cooperation within the region. Learn more about Kultura Medialna.

ReZavod 2.0
Lviv, Ukraine

Three years ago, three companies (a design bureau, an engineering studio and a recycling studio) rented premises at the old factory in Lviv (REMA) and began to develop around the space of interaction for representatives of the creative industries called “ReZavod”. At the moment, ReZavod is a space in which there are almost 80 different businesses and initiatives. Different trainings, parties, small events and large festivals take place here on the regular basis. However, the owners of the building are not interested in further development of the community. Therefore, the centre’s team found another old factory and an investor who was interested in opening the space ReZavod 2.0. The new space will be a place for creativity with the potential to gain international recognition. ReZavod’s team aims to bring together passionate people and form a creative community. Both residents and visitors will get a warm welcome and all the necessary tools to start a new wave of creation. Here they can easily imagine, explore and go beyond and above. Learn more about ReZavod 2.0.

*The Startup Support Programme is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.