Nordic Culture Fund awards TEH with DKK 600,000 for GET project

Published on Dec. 8, 2023

The Good Enough Transformation (GET) project, initiated by TEH and 9 partners from 9 countries in 4 continents, secures a grant of DKK 600,000 from Nordic Culture Fund through Globus funding.

With Globus funding, Nordic Culture Fund encourages participating partners to bring art and culture into global arenas, and embrace societal challenges such as growing inequality, geopolitical conflict, community disruption and an escalating climate crisis within both the local and the global contexts.

Being among 13 transnational art and culture projects funded by Globus, GET will focus on affordable, sustainable and accessible green transformations for art communities worldwide. Representatives from the participating cultural organizations, research institutions and architectural studios coming from Burkina Faso, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico and Sweden will join forces to redefine arts, culture and creative industries sector to better integrate traditional wisdom, community engagement, sustainable architecture, circular design, productive landscaping and responsible farming methods, as well as other socially and ecologically conscious practices into (re)building, design and landscaping of art spaces.

Read more about the GET initiative below: