Members News – Summer Edition

Summer is in the full swing and for many of our members is the busiest…
Published on July 5, 2021

Summer is in the full swing and for many of our members is the busiest time of the year packed with events and projects.

  1. Bakelit Multi Art Center, Hungary


– retrospective –

… because Bakelit centre has JUBILEE in 2021!

20 years ago, the artists of the L1 Association slammed into the area of today’s Bakelit Multi Art Center, and this way their collaboration that resulted in a venue connecting the two organisations began 20 years ago. They hope they can continue for a long time.

They celebrate the anniversary with a series of retrospective, anniversary online performances and look back, recall, remember, relive the moments.

If you saw the performances from the past years, it will surely be good to recall them; and if you did not see them, you can now make up for it.

The list of screenings is constantly expanding and can be found here

More information

Join the centre at publicly announced screenings where you can support the collaboration between L1 Association and Bakelit MAC and the continuation of working together by selecting an online ticket price. You can surprise yourselves each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when the performances can be viewed 24 hours a day, starting at 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the next day.

L1-eve(s) a’la IZP ONLINE
June 28 – 29. 2021. 19.00 CET

In the current situation, Bekelit have put the performance series online. They hope that in this way, the spectators of the evenings can get an exciting and colorful bouquet. It is an exceptional time to be able to see a given work from the point of view of the camera, which means that viewers have an opportunity that they would not be able to see in a traditional theatrical space.

Stay tuned, choose from tickets defined by the artists and join the screenings, which are made available for 1 full week this way.

The event is hosted by the Bakelit Multi Art Center, the long-term partner venue of the L1 Association.

Full info:

2. ilDance, Sweden


Self Contained – ilYoung 2021 

On the 5th July 2021 ilDance’s Junior Company, ilYoung, will commence the creation process of a new work titled Self Contained choreographed by Israel Aloni in collaboration with the cast.

Self Contained explores the relations of human individuals to space and community through the physical body. It examines how the physical body impacts the way in which humans experience the world and challenges the status of the human body in current discourses in Western societies.

Self contained will premiere in Gislaved on the 13th August 2021 and tour in different cities across Sweden between 29th August-12 September 2021. For more information about dates and locations click HERE

COMPASS- A Home for Young and Emerging Contemporary Dance Artists

We are extremely excited to share that ilDance has started a two-year project, COMPASS.

COMPASS is a project that the ilDance team has been working towards, imagining and designing for the past few years. Working with emerging artists has always been a true passion and an ongoing practice for ilDance directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer.

Recognising the gap of possibilities that exists for emerging artists in the contemporary dance sector, Israel and Lee dreamt up COMPASS which will create a new infrastructure for young and emerging dance artists across Sweden and will support them in their professional development.

Through COMPASS, the ilDance team very much look forward to meeting and working with many young and emerging dance artists during the next two years and beyond. They are excited to build, design and facilitate this project side by side with emerging dance artists, partners and collaborators across the country.

More information will soon be available on their website or you can contact info@ildance with any questions or for more information.

COMPASS is made possible through the support of Svenska Postkodstiftelsen.

3. Nová Cvernovka, Slovakia

Sammer Came in the Park of Nová Cvernovka

Summer return to the podium will also take place in Nová Cvernovka. You can look forward to a rich cultural program – from discussions, concerts, parties, dance or theater performances, to the summer cinema.

You will find all this in the park, which is being created as part of the Suť na park! project – mainly thanks to you!

This year’s visual of our summer program was taken care of – just like last year – by graphic designer Martin Mistrík from the Atom studio. You will see a different visitor on the poster every month. In June, it was a visit to Le petit cheval bossu, who travel on horseback from the Brittany peat bog to the Russian steppe.

Summer Under the Palm?

We call our summer program “Leto pod Palmou”, in translation it means ‘summer under a palm tree’, but in reality it is an old silo that stands next door and during the day we have a beautiful view on it and shadows into our park

“Leto pod Palmou can be a kind of pandemic island of music in Nová Cvernovka. It is refreshing to book concerts with the fact that we don’t have to worry about canceling them. We have prepared a really rich program,” says our music playwright Matwe Kaščák. The beginning of the summer program took place on Friday, June 18. You can also look forward to various Slovak or foreign bands, and there will also be the legendary party Nočná, which will also feature a techno project from Berlin – Brutalism 3000.

4. Röda Sten Konsthall, Sweden

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) is a contemporary art project taking place every two years in Gothenburg, Sweden. Started in 2001, GIBCA has established itself as one of Sweden’s biggest art events and is internationally seen as one of the young and exciting biennials in Europe.

To each of its editions, GIBCA invites one or several internationally practicing curators to enter in a dialogue with the city of Gothenburg, its citizens, people interested in art and artists around the globe. Starting from a theme and presenting stark artistic practices, the visitors as well as the art world are offered an experience of art at its best. Swedish and international artists are invited to present existing as well as newly produced site-specific artworks where the local spirit of Gothenburg and of West of Sweden play a notable part.

Gothenburg is a city with a past of labor and harbor culture. The city has a dynamic history where both established and self-organised communities make an impact. As a platform for the international contemporary art scene, the biennial aims to be an important junction between the local, national and international art practitioners. Each biennial consists of several major exhibitions and programme which take place at established art institutions in Gothenburg as well as in the public realm. Through workshops, seminars and talks, the visitors are invited to dialogue and to deepen their knowledge on current issues within contemporary art. A broad educational art programme engages both children and young people in a variety of activities, workshops and tours in all exhibition spaces of the biennial.

5. Stanica, Slovakia

Collective newspaper\journal by volunteers at cultural centers

Liah Escroignard, a ESC volunteer, and together with volunteers coordinator, Nienke Voorintholt, created a project that addresses volunteers to answer the question: “How to connect volunteers in different cultural centres?” To make it happen, they would like to urge volunteers at TEH member centres interested in the project and willing to share their ideas, to contact them at or

P.S, If you work with volunteers then please share this information with them, Thank you!

6. Bitamine Faktoria, Spain

Kontenporane 2021 Open Call

Kontenporanea is a contemporary culture meeting promoted by the city council of Irun and organized by young professionals from the fields of art, culture and design. This collective and collaborative project aims to give visibility to the art projects that exist in the Irun region and to allow artists to share a creative experience on local, national and international levels. In the fifth edition of Kontenporanea, individual or collective artists with no age limit are invited to exhibit their work within the framework of this event. The general theme of this edition is the contrast between the exterior and interior that arose in the wake of the limited situation of these previous years. We feel that a limitation has been defined between home and public space generating some consequences in several areas: relational, emotional, psychological, economic, etc. In this edition of Kontenporanea we want to create a space where we can share the different perspectives of what has been lived in order to understand and work on this dichotomy.

Links of interest:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:

Registration form

Irun city council website


7. Camere d’Aria, Italy

Par Tòt Parade – The Song of the Whale 2021

On 27th June 2021 Camera d’Aria presents to you the Par Tòt Parade – The Song of the Whale 2021 in the Villa Angeletti Park (Bologna, Italy)! From rigorously chain-driven wagons to the group of the little but very high trampolists, passing through mobile aquatic scenographies and sartorial creations with a pop-oceanic taste, plowing through seas of theatrical performances to discover the self, up to the inevitable social distanced samba and irreducible percussions… we will ride the waves in the Bologna’s summer!

Photo credit: Lucia Fano