Member’s News – October/November

We are almost in the middle of the autumn season, which means busy-busy times for…
Published on Oct. 28, 2021

We are almost in the middle of the autumn season, which means busy-busy times for our members, with more cultural venues opening up to public. Check out what our members are doing in the upcoming weeks!

1) Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov (ECC Broumov), Czech Republic

Exciting music news from Czech organisation Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov (ECC Broumov)! With the beginning of November the ECC will welcome first two musicians for monthly musical residencies: Czech musician and composer Kristina Barta and Norwegian musician Tuva Hellum. The residencies are part of the new project: Hortus Musical Broumov – residencies, cultural exchange, community, that is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021, from the Culture program, – and it will be ended in April 2023.

The goal of the project is to expand the existing literary residency program and in the future build a year-round program in the former mill, where also musicians, architects, designers and visual artists artists will participate.

Photo credit: Tuva Hellum 

2) CADS/Tickets for Good, UK

Tickets for Good platform is getting bigger as it offered tickets to the UK’s biggest live events during the summer to the National Heath Service (NHS) workers. Tickets for Good platform acquired tickets for those events on behalf of NHS workers and distributes them for a small booking fee – instead of the usual high-value ticket prices. This initiatives was highly appreciated and the platform was priased both by musicians and the audience for its impeccable services.

Tickets for Good joins forces with WeGotTickets to raise funds for NHS workers

Tickets For Good became partners with WeGotTickets and managed to already raise more than £10,000 towards the cost of tickets to major live events for NHS staff. The partnership aims to bring vibrance and new audiences to industries that have suffered under coronavirus. Supporters of The Ticket Fund help revitalise city centres and assist more people than ever to access fantastic live events.

The Ticket Fund is designed as a flexible way for organisations across every industry to help give back to key workers after a hard couple of years. To start working with the Ticket Fund, businesses and organisations can find out more via

Social media: @ticketsforgood

3) IlDance, Sweden

Unlock Body Lab – Israel Aloni Online Residency Project: Showing and Workshop

Unlock Body Lab has invited ilDance’s Israel Aloni to have a two-week residency project with local artists in Unlock Dancing Plaza and The Hong Kong Art Centre in October 2021.

For the two-week online residency project, Israel Aloni will work with local artists through various digital tools, while thinking about the possibility of cross-regional and cross-cultural collaboration in the era of the pandemic. As a choreographer, Aloni is interested in the mediation of the physical human body with other bodies, space, and its relationship to time. From the understanding of the physical body that has a connection to past events and histories, Aloni is interested in creating work that pushes the boundaries of the utterances that we let our physical body express, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Israel Aloni will share with participants the movement vocabulary and creation focus in a public workshop, especially the construction, understanding and presentation of past history and events. They will also share the performance tools and methods used by the artists in their creations, so as to explore more possibilities in our bodies.

Public workshop
Date: 24/10/2021
Time: 1600-1800 (GMT+8) (European time: 1000-1200 (GMT+0))

Public Sharing
Date: 31/10/2021
Time(Showing): 1715-1815 (GMT+8) (European time: 1115-1215 (GMT+0))
Time(Post-talk): 1815-1845(GMT+8) (European time: 1215-1245 (GMT+0))
Post-Talk Registration:


Move with us! – Compass website launched

The website for COMPASS, a home for young and emerging contemporary dance artists across Sweden, has recently been launched on

This nationwide initiative from ilDance aims to ignite change in the current Swedish contemporary dance ecosystem and society. ilDance will work with a wide range of organisations, stakeholders and individuals throughout Sweden to create stimulating and dynamic environments where young dance artists can be supported.

Through COMPASS, supporters will be offered consultation and support to find opportunities and ways to involve and integrate young and emerging artists as well as identifying opportunities to enrich the activities and operations of local partners by opening their doors to local young and emerging artists.

Any people or organisations interested in getting involved can get moving by signing up on the site with Supporters signing up here and Artists signing up here.

4) Time to Listen, Space to Experiment: Perspectives from Re-Imagine Europe 2017-2021


Time to Listen, Space to Experiment: Perspectives from Re-Imagine Europe 2017- 2021 concludes the Re-Imagine Europe project, a four-year project involving ten cultural organisations from across Europe, responding to the social and political challenges in Europe. With a programme of residencies, commissions, symposia, and workshops, the project partners stimulated both artistic production and audience development. The book looks back on a four year programme of collaborative residencies, commissions, symposia and workshops across Europe. Different ways of doing led to different kinds of outputs. Taking time to listen to each other, and doing things collaboratively, created a togetherness involving different agents and actors.

Re-Imagine Europe was initiated by Sonic Acts (NL), coordinated by Paradiso (NL) and realised with Elevate Festival (AT), Lighthouse (UK), INA GRM (FR), Kontejner (HR), Bergen Kunsthall (NO), A4 (SK), Disruption Network Lab (DE) and Ràdio Web MACBA (ES). Co- funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

5) Studio ALTA, Czech Republic

STUDIO ALTA has announced an open call to professionals in performing arts. Individual artists and artistic groups are encouraged to apply. They offer a two-week long artist residency at Invalidovna with aim to provide a safe space where artists can work, experience creative flow, and rehearse without any pressure to deliver results. A work-in-progress presentation is a welcome option.

They provide the space and care to the broadest possible range of artists—from movement theatre, dance, performance, and other areas of performing arts.

Submission deadline: 31 December 2021
Results to be announced: no later than on 16 January 2022.

More information: